Mechanical Horse - Advice welcomed

Hello, i figured i’d post a few decks here with the rise in activity. If you can give me some advices, point me to some errors in deckbuild or cards that i missed to make the deck much better while staying in theme, it would be welcome.
Basic Shootout deck with tons of horses, mechanical or otherwise. Pimp that ride!!

Morgan Stables

Dudes (12)
1x Chuan “Jen” Qi (5) (starting)
1x Dr. Arden Gillman (6) (starting)
1x Jake Smiley (A) (starting)
1x Diego Linares (7) (starting)
1x Jacqueline Isham (K)
1x J.W. Byrne (Q)
1x Nicodemus Whateley (Q)
1x Buckin’ Billy Ballard (J)
1x Maggie Harris (10)
1x Jarrett Blake (9)
1x Ambrose Douglas (7)
1x Jon Longstride (8)

Deeds (12)
1x Wagner Memorial Ranch (2) (starting)
1x Railroad Station (K)
1x Secured Stockyard (K)
2x Open Wound (K)
1x The Pharmacy (Q)
1x St Anthony’s Chapel (Q)
1x General Store (Q)
1x Jackson’s Strike (J)
1x Baird’s Build and Loan (10)
1x Epidemic Laboratory (9)
1x Surveyor’s Office (9)
1x Old Marge’s Manor (9)

Goods (13)
2x Rich Man’s Guard Dog (K)
4x Guide Horse (Q)
3x Yagn’s Mechanical Skeleton (J)
2x Personal Ornithopter (10)
2x Mechanical Horse (9)

Action (15)
4x Showboating (J)
2x Unprepared (10)
2x Putting the Pieces Together (10)
3x A Slight Modification (8)
4x Run’ Em Down (7)

2 Jokers

Off the top of my head, you don’t have any Calling The Cavalry (6C), that alone would make all the difference in the world. (Don’t worry about the 6 value messing up inventing, Diego and the Memorial Ranch will cover for it)

Also 4 copies of Showboating is great, but not for this kind of inventing deck. I might bring a copy or 2 of Outgunned (J) with either Flight of the Lepus (for cheating res) or Meet the New Boss (it will self ace)

Jon Longstrides is great, but if you are going for Personal Ornithopters I would recommend “Dead” Billy Jones (he can take a casualty and then pay 1gr to come back)

Your starting posse has some pretty big issues, too much upkeep and no way to ensure turn 1 inventions. I would try and slot Maggie Harris into your posse so you can start inventing right away. I would also probably swap Dr. Gillman out for Kyle Wagner (unless you find Dr. Gillman’s ability to be useful in the first turns). Kyle can help use the Memorial Ranch twice in one day, and while you will be a little short on influence you should be able to grab a Yagn’s and then just turtle at the Memorial Ranch until you can get some help in.


If you’re in Morgan always run Irving Patterson instead of Jake Smiley. Always active 2 influence plus an upside is so much better.


How about the starting posse below?

  • Irving Patterson (3GR), Chuan “Jen” Qi (3GR, 1 upkeep), Diego Linares (3GR), Maggie Harris (2GR), Henry Moran or Wagner Memorial Ranch (1GR)
  • I’d normally try to have a back-up stud on defence (perhaps Jacqueline Isham, but spotted you’re using Putting The Pieces Together so I thought Henry Moran would be more useful or you can stick with Wagner Memorial Ranch)
  • 12GR, 1 Upkeep leaving lots of starting GR for gadget/deeds
  • Maggie Harris give you a way go dig for the Mechanical Skeleton, and Diego Linares Still invents it on a 6 if you follow @SavageJack’s good advice to add calling the cavalry. Henry Moran would dump even more cards in to your discard pile if you cheat in lowball, giving Maggie Harris more cards to fetch.
  • A little more Cheatin’ punishment might be a good idea, more of the Guard Dog or Jackelope Stampede
  • The #4 Saloon (Q value) might be worth splashing in to your deeds too.

Advice from the other posters is rock solid too, I’ve built some of it in to my suggested starting posse.

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Needs 2 copies of Lula’s Exploit - free GR for using gadgets every turn gives you a LOT of legwork out of Mechanical Horse