Meet the Mod Team

These guys are the law around here. I’d like em to introduce themselves. So you can get to know em a bit.
First there’s me - I’m Alex, long time gamer and Doomtown fan. I’m also really into music and film. If you ever need me just PM me or tag me with @Alex.

The rest of the mod team -
@jedilanni - Joe

Say hi guys!

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Ya buncha monkeys!

You prolly know me. I’m the OCTGN Wrangler and Mad Scientist of DTR Design. Don’t make me pull out my Phlogistonic de-atomizer!

Hiya Cowpeople!

Im Anders, been playing Classic back in the days and have waited ever since on a reboot of the game. Doomtown led to Deadlands and I am an avid fan of the setting and lore. Deckwise - I like to try things out - and try to improve on them later. I have yet to netdeck - but I do steal ideas and try to make decks that have those ideas. Right now I am looking at Aggro Sloane (after playing gadgets/deedslide in GGL1 I need a change of pace) and I am also dusting off my old (omg its only been 6 months!!!) 4R control deck and looking at how to implement Phantasm :smiley:

Im an avid gamer and have a tendency to want to prove people wrong when they say that something doesn’t work - which makes me lose a lot of games - and get the random brilliant victory.

You are all welcome to PM or tag me with @Suzy309.

So - are you gonna skin that smokewagon or whistle dixie all day?


Greetings ladies, gentlemen, and robots of all persuasions!

I’m Tybar, and I have enjoyed the Deadlands setting for over a decade now, back when I played Lime Green Edition at my local game store.

I got into Doomtown: Reloaded when I heard about it late last year/early this year, and I’ve been an avid Mad Scientist ever since. I do play with other decks though, so I can at least somewhat sound competent around the other factions. :wink:

I look forward to chatting with you all, and helping build up this humble community.

Please feel free to PM or tag me with @TybarSunsong

Hello citizens of Gomorra

My name is Joe oberbeck on the boards I go by jedilanni and oberbeck on octgn. I first started playing doomtown with the Sioux around 2000 and was a fan of Joseph eyes like rain. I moved on to like the sweet rock and flock. In reloaded I am in the service to the Morgan’s until the shaman come to town then only I know what side I might go to. I play d and d the most and fiddle with off the wall decks.

If you have any questions or wondering what I tinkering on feel free to pm me or tag me @ jedilanni

Who let @Suzy309 in? :slight_smile:

David Orange - In addition to playing Classic, I also spent 3 years with Tim J. Meyer’s Harrowed Entertainment Group editing HEG’s fan cards and hosting/promoting DT Classic tournaments. Now that Thom Goodnow has assumed leadership of HEG, I continue to support his and HEG’s efforts to bring more swag to more locations for more people to play MORE DOOMTOWN!

I am also an editor and writer for Doomtown: Reloaded’s story team:

as well as supporting the AEG DTR rules team.
I also edit and write for this here Gomorra Gazette.

I am reachable @davido4015

They gave me moderator powers? Muahahhaahahaha.

I’m Jon. I write things.