Modifiers for ties in lowball

Continuing the discussion from When do Resolution effects end?:

Just to be crystal clear here, my opponent and I reveal cheatin’ lowball hands, and we both play a cheatin’ resolution to lower our hand ranks. For example, say I play It’s Not What You Know to lower my cheatin’ flush hand by four ranks and he plays Cheatin’ Varmint to lower his cheatin’ three-of-a-kind hand by two ranks. This results in both of us exact tied at hand rank 2.

We have to do a new lowball hand, so we discard our now-tied lowball hands. We draw new lowball hands and reveal.

Do the modifiers from our previously played cheatin’ resolutions still apply to these new lowball hands?

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Yes that is correct.

Any modifiers played stay in effect until that hand has been resolved, i.e. a winner/loser has been resolved. This includes the above mentioned scenario where an exact tie (must be the exact same values or modified to same values) forces a redraw.

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