Monomi Miles Charity Auction

I finally found the time to go through Miles’s collection. Those sets go up to Blood Moon Rising, however I can ensure there’ll be cards up to There Comes A Reckoning in the auction set. There is also on Morgan gadget tin, two leather pouches, some metal ghost rock, a number of black sleeves easily enough to hold two decks and three protective plastic containers.

Second thing: I managed at UKGE to acquire a base set and the Foul Play saddlebag in addition. I’ll keep those separate to the above but it is available. There are options as to when to run the auction but the two obvious ones are at the Euros, or at our London special event. I suppose also what we could do is something like bids via comments on this thread and you can just tell me which of these events I shall need to get these to! [I’ll also stick some other photos up of the collection.

All proceeds of this will be going to Mile’s family’s chosen charity, Papyrus

, So spread the word far and wide, but do let’s raise some coins for this one, eh? I’m certain it will be greatly appreciated.


By way of an update, as of the day of the European Championships on Sunday, we have brought a new collection into play. This will stay running for a while, as we haven’t actually held the main charity event yet, and also still have a fine set of cards to make their way to a loving new home.

Gratitude for sharing this link, for additional donations, offers on the set and that sort of thing!


To clarify, is the auction for the set still ongoing? I am having some reading comprehension failures today and couldn’t quite parse what had happened so far. :slight_smile:

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Yes! I doubt it’s any reading comprehension failures, though the two other things at play are that nobody’s been in contact with an offer thus far and also the DT event I was looking at running a more ‘live’ auction at hasn’t taken place yet.

So basically taking offers at the moment, as no rush really between now and say, August, but of course if a really strong offer came in, I’d have to look at it!


Is there a fixed starting offer (e.g. 100$)?


I hadn’t put one in, but will have to work in £ Sterling for ease of life here. Also haven’t factored in any delivery costs as obviously it may vary as to where we pick up from.
Let’s say £100 start just so folk can see a number, though there’s about £280 worth of stuff here and every penny is getting donated, so I will be very pleased to see that go up. I’ll update with important stuff such as the event date and any bid info.

So I will start the auction with 150£


Great stuff!

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A reminder that the event itself takes place in London’s Leisure Games this Saturday 24 August! Be there for 11 if coming, I’ll make some more auction announcements should bids be coming through too!


I’ll bid £200, plus whatever it costs to post.


Noted! Thank you :slight_smile:

Sorry to get back to you late on this, but the event took place on Saturday and I shall place photos in a bit. Congratulations to @Ampersandrew , who has the winning bid at £200 (+however we’re getting it across to you!)

I’m mildly amused on the timing on account of having spotted your base area and realising I was there the day before the auction ended due to a convention tour! Soon as I figure out the best way to get these across to you, I shall do just that! Let’s get in touch though.

Thanks to everyone who helped with this auction in any way, dropped in a bid, spread the word, etc. I know this will be hugely appreciated.



Sounds like you had a great day. You couldn’t have given them to me the day before the end anyway. How would you like me to give you the £200? I’m assuming we can sort out transport and costs after.


I think the day was very much in the spirit of what we intended, which made me happy. You’ll be able to tell by the images in the other post!

I can operate via PayPal, which would be digital_bladerunner @hotmail .com (without the spaces of course) and I’ll pop a message across. Or just drop the donation straight on to the JustGiving page and mark it as such in the comments and that’ll work. Then we can do transport etc. later, as you say.

Thanks again!

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I sent £200 via the just giving page, it should have my name on it and I mentioned the auction. It’s taking them a while to process it, I couldn’t gift aid it (unfortunately) because it’s not pure charity.

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Weird - usually pretty quick to update on that. I’ll keep an eye out on the page though; it will send me a notification!

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Apparently it helps if you put the right payment details into the app. That’s gone through now. Confirmed by both Just Giving and my bank.


Ha! I suppose it would!
Thank you for that - next mission: figuring out getting those cards to you. I’ve an O4B post to make anyway so can probably enquire on that. I’ll get on it :slight_smile:


@Ampersandrew - small problem: I think I might have sent you all of my servitor legend cards in error instead just of just many of the promos. They’re probably in the Gencon tin. Just checking whether you have happened across the four originals in the collection by chance? :slight_smile:

I’m not sure. how would I recognise them as being different than “many of the promos”?