Monthly tournaments, SW Indianapolis

We had 9 for our tournament last Sunday and our community is growing! If you are within driving distance to the southwest side of Indianapolis.
We have Free play every Wednesday where you can try out your decks and meet other players. We also have a monthly tournament with the organized play kits from AEG.
The next tournament is Sunday, April 3rd at 2 PM. $5 entry. Everyone gets promos and light refreshments will be served. We play best 2 out of 3 rounds, Swiss format. Top player wins a playmat and a tin, 2-4 get a tin as well.
Come on down and have some fun!
Joe McNeil
White Flag Games
410 N Monroe St Suite 26
Mooresville, IN 46158


Our next tournament is Sunday May 29th at 2 PM. $5 entry. We are using OP kit #6. Next month, it will be on Sunday, June 26th at 2 PM, also $5 entry. This will be using the 2016 Deputy Event kit. Come on out!

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