Morgan Stable Community Deck Build

Moving post to their own threads so it stays organized.

Morgan Stables was the winning home so onto values. Also plz note what struture you would like to run.

  • a
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
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  • 10
  • j
  • q
  • k
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Morgan Stables: A/8/J - go for an El Grajo-themed Dead Man’s Hand build!

Beyond the Veil: 6 & 10 - Infernal Mad Science devices and Shamans can totally get along, right? The Holy Wheel Gun can’t be all bad… 10 for Spirit Trail to send your shooters where they’re needed!

Only lets me do 1 value - booo.

Morgan Stables -Go for the obvious 3/7 Run em Down/Rope n Ride shennanigans. I also like 9’s for Surveyor’s Office/Bunkhouse for adjacency and low-inf hi-jinks.

Oooh… 3s gets you The Stakes Just Rose, and Morgan Stables mans you can use that to move into the shootout posse, React, then blast someone with a Shotgun before they have a chance to escape, hit you with Unprepared or lower your bullets. What other combos would work?

I finishing up the polls tonight. To narrow down the values then this process will go faster. It looks like Morgan a, 7 thru k and eagle 9 thru king. Of course the structure will get tighter when we get the draw structure done.

For Morgan starting posse:
William Specks

Not sure on others, but that gives 4 influence and gives some inventing and horse power.

Morgan draw values

  • ace
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
  • queen
  • king
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Grifter mcc

  • no grifter
  • Howard
  • travis
  • rico
  • gina
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MCC is going crazy by going no grifter with 7 8 9 and queen for values 7 being the main value. Eagle is with butch with 9 the main value and jack the 2nd with support from k and queen. What cards on value do we want to include.

For Morgan - I’d love to go Horsey on 7’s
Run 'em Down on clubs
Pinto on Hearts
Diamonds - Blake Ranch, Maza Gang Hideout, Quarantine Tent, Cattle Market
dudes - Ghetty, Shane, Androcles, and splash Sammy Cooke

Sorry for the long wait.
Morgan Stables
Starting Posse No Grifter
Values 7,8,9, Q

Which cards at 7

  • Run em down
  • Hired Help
  • kidnappin
  • Incubation
  • pinned down
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For 7’s dudes

  • Androcles
  • Ghetty
  • Nathan Shane
  • Rodrick
  • one of each
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7 deeds

  • Blake Ranch
  • Cattle market
  • Hunters protection
  • Quaratine Tent
  • Maza Gang Hideout
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  • auto revolver
  • Pinto
  • Stoker Sabre
  • Monte Bank
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Reply to the post to submit how many
i.e Blake Ranch x2 Market x1 Quarantine Tent x1
One of each dude (starting Ghetty)
Run em down x4
Pinto x4

Also @davido4015 if you want cookie type it in as a reply.

  • Run em down x4
  • Run em down x3 pinned down x1
  • Run em down and pinned down x2
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  • blakes Ranch x4
  • Blakes Ranch x3 and Maza Gang x2
  • Blakes Ranch x2 and Maza Gang x2
  • Blakes Ranch x1 and Maza Gang x3
  • just one of each
  • Blakes Ranch x1
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  • Ghetty and Shane x1
  • Ghetty and Shane x2
  • Ghetty Starting
  • Shane Starting
  • Both starting
  • one of each dude in deck
  • Shane starting the other three dudes in the deck
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  • pinto x4
  • pinto x3 Revolver x1
  • pinto and Revolver x2
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