Mount Up!: How the DTR 2017 Euros were Regulated

Howdy folks! We wanted to write a piece regarding the 2017 European Championship,however, the players themselves did such a great job writing about their experiences and match-ups in their tournament reports on PBE would like to extend our thanks for everyone sharing these thoughts. Whether you’re an experienced player looking for a new decktype, or a new player seeking to learn about deck construction, please take the time to look through all of these entries. Not only do the players discuss the decks, game play, and deck list choices, they talk about the casual atmosphere. We know some people are deterred by the competitiveness of major events, but I think this tournament was an exemplary representation of the what the Doomtown community has to offer. Below are the links to the full deck lists and write-ups. This page will be edited as more write-ups come through.

Top 4
Vince Turner (2016 UK Marshall, Beyond the Veil) v. David Avery (Morgan Regulators: Gadgets)
Robert Campbell (Morgan Regulators: Horses & Hexes) v. David Hogg (Full Moon Brotherhood)

Finals: Both Regulators, at very different builds, made the finals, and Robert Campbell emerged victorious!

Horses & Hexes: Euro Marshal 2017 Winner - Horses are the bass & Hexes are t · DoomtownDB

RoboRegulators: RoboRegulators 2.0 2nd place at European champions · DoomtownDB

Beyond the Veil (Horses & Totems): Down With Monte Banks! · DoomtownDB

Full Moon (Spell Control): Full Moon Magic (Top 4 European Championship 2017-07-01) · DoomtownDB

Top 8 and Beyond!

Protection Racket (5th Seed): The Sitdown Strike - European Edition (5th) · DoomtownDB

Law Dogs Base SF: Euro 2017 6th place & Top Law Dog! (4/2/Straight Flush) · DoomtownDB

Desolation Row Hucksters: 6th Place Epitaph Desolation Row · DoomtownDB

Sanitorium (8th Seed): The Long Con (Huddersfield Euro 2017 8th place) · DoomtownDB

Den of Thieves (9th Seed): Barton's Big Day Out (9th place European Marshall 2017) · DoomtownDB

Deedless Sloane (10th Seed): Deeds, whats a deed? · DoomtownDB

Protection Racket Hucksters: Sloane Hucksters European 2017 · DoomtownDB
Write-Up: Hucksters at Huddersfield | Mob Justice

Law Dogs & Bounty Hunters: Law Dogs and Bounty Hunters - 2017 Eurpean marshal rank 12th · DoomtownDB


Updated with 9th Seed: Den of Thieves

Updated with 10th Seed: Deedless Sloane Gang

Updated with 8th Seed: Sanitorium