Move to join from the same location

Hello Rules team,

There have been some questions on OCTGN about moving to join.

I think people are reading this section of the rulebook and assuming the rules have changed and that you can’t join a shootout from home with Shadow Walk (and other similar effects, e.g. the stakes just rose):

New rulebook
“Card effects that move a dude must move them to a new location; the dude cannot remain at the same location, unless the effect is sending them home booted”

They don’t then make it to the below in the rules compendium that clear things up:

Rules compendium
“A card ability may be used to move a dude into or out of a posse from/to the same location as the shootout, as entering or leaving a posse fulfils the movement requirement of any such ability.”

I think people are (understandably) inferring a rules change where one doesn’t exist, so a small rulebook tweak might help here, assuming my interpretation is correct (any confirmation/correction here would be handy too!). :slight_smile:

Here’s the linked FAQ’s text on Carter’s Bounties for reference (notably under card rulings rather than errata), which still lets you join from the same location:
“Carter’s Bounties
Can be used to move a dude into the posse from the same location, including a dude that
had previously left the posse.”

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Does that mean that if I move a dude to a posse at the same location (using Carter’s Bounties for instance), Morgan Stables triggers?

Text of Morgan Stables:

React, Boot: After you complete a Noon or Shootout ability that moved one of your dudes, draw a card and discard a card. Make another play or pass; if you are not in a shootout, that play cannot be actin’.

For reference, it seems like the previous ruling on that one was ‘no.’

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We are currently discussing the first part of the question. Stables react still requires a move to trigger. Joining a posse by itself, is not a move. So that continues to be a “no.”

The quote from the rules compendium references the card itself, such as stakes just rose, “move one of your dudes into your posse.” Not other cards that need moving as a requirement.

The compendium refers to the fact that the first line of a card must be completed.


Move this dude to join a posse


This dude joins your posse (moving if necessary).

Should be treated the same. A dude is not required to move just to join a posse by means of a Pinto or Shadow Walk. This is what our rules compendium entry on moving into posses hoped to address.

While this may not seem to reflect a rules as written/seen approach, it makes all these types of similar cards behave the same. There will be an FAQ entry in the future to address these cards more completely.


As this is answered, it will be closed.

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