Multi-Player Rules

I’m glad to see an interest in Multiplayer Doomtown: Reloaded.
THe rulings to date attempt to follow what little AEG printed in their original rulebook under P. 31 “Rustlin’ up some help.” and from there rulings extrapolated ‘regular rules’ to fit into multiplayer.

As expected, the posted rulings are getting follow ups and disagreements. THIS IS GREAT - it shows the passion and interest of players for this oft-neglected format.

PERSONAL NOTE: my kids just got off on school vacation, but will go away starting Saturday. Over the weekend, I’ll review the multi-player rulings to date and then clarify/update those rulings and any subsequent followups and new multiplayer questions. THANKS AGAIN for your interest and patience.


I’ve not played any multiplayer games, but I’ve thought a fair bit about how team games might run. Shootout rules are slightly unfair to another players assisting dudes, but are clear enough.

The main issue that could be worked out better for team games is defining ‘opponents’. I think team members cards should be clarified not to be opposing, or opponents cards. This is important for cards such as Shiny Things.