My 1st deck - Morgan Horse

Hi all. I put up a Morgan Horse deck on Doomtown DB and I’d really appreciate some feedback. It’s meant to use the superior mobility of Horses to avoid Shootouts for a couple turns while building up, with Actions to retain some board control. Then it’s supposed to use those same Actions to isolate Dudes and pick them off with a large advantage to offset a slightly loose draw structure.

I don’t have the cards to build it just yet, but I’d love to hear what people think in the meantime.


It’s a fairly focused deck, and will likely cheat less in low ball than a perfect 16/16/16. Be sure to track certain cards like Romiro or Quickdraw handgun. If you’ve seen both, you know you won’t pull a four of a kind in 3’s or 8’s consequently.

Some considerations of cards that might work well for your deck (leaving the decision to you of what to pull if you do swap these cards in). Williams Specks is slightly lower stats than Olivia, but he would work very well with the most the deeds you have. He would also open up the possibility of running some gadgets, such as quaterman, Auto-revolver, or flamethrowers.

Chuān “Jen” Qí works well with horses even without gadgets, and again, could open up possibility of splashing in some gadgets.

Bounty hunter could help go after opponents with bounty, and works well with Rope and Ride.


Looks like a good start. I’d say play the deck a few times and make a note of what works for you and what doesn’t. Having been playing around with something similar recently, here are a few of my thoughts:

You might find that opportunities to play Ridden Down don’t come up that often, in which case trading one or two for This’ll Hurt in the Mornin’ might be useful to get more Cheatin’ Resolutions, or possibly Rumors to make it harder for your opponent to deny your income and defend their deeds. If you find yourself playing against a lot of Desolation Row decks then Bounty Hunter might be useful, but unless you’ve got reliable ways of placing bounties on people I’d avoid it.

You might find that for the first couple of turns you don’t have the ghost rock to spare for the horses. The Morgan home ability gets around that with its discount on deeds, and the above mentioned William Specks would also be handy for kickstarting your economy while allowing your dudes to saddle up early on. I like adding in a Roan for a cheap option to enable Lane and Jarrett to do their thing, and they can trade for a better horse later on.

If you’re looking to pick off specific targets, Pinned Down would be useful to complement your Kidnappin and Run 'em Down attacks. However, it does have the problem of sharing the same value as those two actions. Using Run 'em Down when you’ve got Rope & Ride in your hand should be a good enough way to achieve the same outcome.

As long as you pick your fights carefully, the looser draw structure shouldn’t be an issue.


Thanks so much, guys.

I really liking this forum. It has such helpful people :slight_smile:

I’m currently thinking of cutting the Horse Wrangling for a Roan. If I need a cheap Horse, then paying +1 for a Horse with Wrangling is probably not ideal. Also, I can get the Roan out of my deck, unlike the Wrangling, so it’s marginally better for my long-term shooting.

Replacing Olivia with Specks looks good, too. I’m still starting 4 Inf and Specks can reduce the cost of a lot of my Deeds without putting himself at risk with the Outfit ability. Plus, I can use him in addition to the Outfit :smiley:

I’ll also consider replacing a Ridden Down with a Rumours after I’ve had a chance to play the deck. Rumors seems like it could be really good for what this deck trying to do.

Thanks again.