My first stream swider vs mplain

You can watch mplain demolishing me in above video, few things worth mentioning: the video has no sound, no voice chat , no music (twitch removed it). I am going to post videos regularly,most probably with voice chat ( we didn’t feel comfortable doing it today) I intend to create at least one video for new OCTGN players, but not usual tutorial, I ( or we) will explain how to use OCTGN interface during normal game. We were using new decks containing cards from NTB, after few games I think this expansion has the greatest impact on a gameplay of all of them, good stuff.


I must say new cards do indeed provide new experience. Jaq vs. Jaq is hilarious! :smile:

My decks need tweaking, I knew that melee one will suck, but was hoping it would work a bit better .
Also I forgot to mention, we typed using CAP LOCK for easier reading we don’t type like that normally.

Rewatching the stream, some of my moves seem really weird, like that Flight of the Lepus sending everyone but Jaq away. I could’ve killed Irving instead… I should probably explain that I was afraid of that Vitality Tonic unbooting the stud King chick, I didn’t realize swider was playing so many clubs that he was never going to use the pull ability anyway.

Also, playing Jaq first-hand, I must say that there’s certain potential danger in the way her ability is worded, in that you actually have to announce using her React every time she joins the shootout. If you’re used to casually playing with friends and suddenly you find yourself playing in a high-competitive event, and you forget to announce it, your opponent might refuse to let you do it retroactively. Cause, you know, it’s your fault that you forgot.

Tbh, I would call it default, that you do use the react, when you join with Jaq…

In a casual game, sure. But it’s not a trait, so it isn’t compulsory, which means you have to actually announce it in a competitive setting.

In our last game, mplain said he would prefer this react to be a trait, but I think there is a reason for it not to be one: my prediction is we are getting an action card with an effect identical to forget ( if I had to guess a value of it it would be either 10 or K). We also agreed with mplain that every time she joins defending posse her ability triggers by default( in case someone forgets to announce it).