[N@N Preview] For Such a Time Like This

At Strange Assembly.

Succeed in your skill check. Win a Job, search a dude within the requirements, bring him into play. A way more complex yet rewarding recruitment drive.

Or, one might say, the Blessed version of Summoning :wink:


Since most successful Miracle decks go with 6,7,9,10 value realisticly all we could bring back is discarded travis. Unless we start playing with high value Miracles but then we are stuck with Soothe so our deck is usless. Also i can easly predict what dudes enemy has based on his deck so when i see low value pull i might not even bother to defend it and let him boot his dudes. With Summoning we never know what might come from the job and with Recruitment Drive you can take almost any Dude and every dead which gives us versatility. In short this Miracle sucks and is not worth the effort.

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Also unlike Summoning you have to boot your Blessed. Another Miracle that boots your Blessed thats more Miracles with anti The Lord Provides synergy.

Hmm, here’s some nasty and unexpected dudes a law dog player may realistically pull out of their deck when they pull this off with a mid-range pull.

Judge Sommerset
Clementine Lepp
Ramiro Mendoza
Tommy Harden
Prescott Utter

And given that this is a straight tutor, you don’t need to sacrifice too much consistency as you can put in just 1 copy of some of these dudes and guarantee to fetch them. Options for this card will only improve as more high value miracles and low value dudes are printed.

Note that pullng this with a higher value card and someone with Blessed 2, allows you to easily fetch dudes with starting values of 7-9 as well (depending on their stats). To Fetch Wendy with Inbody for example, you’d need to pull a J, which is not unbelievably hard imho.


So, it’s a nine difficulty miracle that works better if you have low value dudes in your deck? I’m not sure that’s a good idea.

Ironically this card works best when bringing out blesseds like Perry or Andrew, or recovering discarded casualties like Travis, Lucy or Phillip, boosting their influence, a thing blessed lacked. And, best of all it gets aced, which degenrates you deck, like meet the new boss which shares the same value.

You can start with two big shooters like Wendy and Abraham Exp, sit in town square and start bringing dudes in, beginning with Perry who can unboot any of your big shooters…

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You’d be able to put a QUATERMAN into play? Does “play that dude” on “For Such a Time as This” circumvent his play restriction?

I think it’s a decent miracle. The additional influence is really important for a miracle deck since the lowest cost Blessed starters (Andrew, Perry, and Ebenezer) all have 0 influence.

You’d have to invent him of course.

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blessed scientists? :smiley:

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I have no idea why i’d ever want to play this spell in a miracles deck over Recruitment Drive. It gives 2 gr less discount and forces me to play off-value dudes that fail spell pulls. What kind of a silver bullet dude i can get in this game that would be better than a random beefy body from my discard pile, considering all the restrictions.

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A) You can play both, or you can play unprepared instead.
B) It searches your whole deck so you can use it T1 or after your deck has reshuffled.
C) You get extra influence

I already use Confession, Lay on Hands, Holy Roller and Evanor for offvalue so thats 8 cards that mess up my shootout structure. If i use any of dudes you are proposing then not only it will make my draw structure even worse but make pulls way less consistent. And failing pull on any shootout miracles can break “control shootout” style of blessed. And failing pull on Inbody or Lay on Hands will loose you the game. And thats second high value slot thats wasted on usless Miracle (J, Q). I fear until second rotation of miracles blessed decks will be niche and not really reliable.


You don’t have to include low value dudes. If you’re using Rev. Perry (or félix I guess), then the unit you’re searching for just needs to have bullet+influence less than or equal to 2 to succeed on itself.

Law Dog & Neutral dudes that succeed on themselves with a 2 blessed: Angela Payne, Drew Beauman, Ebenezer Springfield, El Grajo, J.W. Byrne, Mario Crane, Roderick Byre, Jacqueline Isham, Zoe Halbrook, Dr. Dawn Edwards

I’ll repost what I put up on Strange Assembly here:

This card seems like its going to make your deck construction kind of awkward to make it work. Basically, if you have an on-value dude, then their value usually isn’t good enough to pull them. (For example, if Rev. Perry pulls a 9, you don’t get to fish out a Wendy.) So if you’re running something like 9-10-J you’re probably going to need some 6 or 7 value dudes in the deck if you don’t want the spell to whiff if you pull a 9. And this is ignoring the fact that the Miracle removes itself from your deck when you use it, so you might not want to run it on value either.

The best uses I can think of this are really narrow, or require some super-strange deck construction:

  • If your deck MUST draw a specific dude to get working then this makes sense… But what dude is it that you’re not willing to start, but you ARE willing to build your deck around fishing them out with this miracle?
  • Running a bunch of high value cards and 1 copy each of toolbox dudes makes sense… But what dudes are there who are so narrow that this makes sense?
  • Maybe the best use I see so far is to run a lower-value miracle deck with stuff like Holy Roller, since lower value dudes are more likely to have low enough grit that Perry can get them if he pulls their value. Then you get to fish out cheap dudes and give them a permanent influence.

Or maybe the best idea is to just play it in a typical miracle deck, throwing in a couple of low-value dudes and just accept that sometimes, lower pulls will just whiff and you can’t get anything. I dunno, I don’t see much Recruitment Drive around, and I don’t expect to see much of this card either.


Since you need a minimum of 9 to actually get the spell off, anyone with a grit of 8 or lower is a viable target.

So, any of these guys:

Clementine Lepp
Jake Smiley
Micah Ryse
Lucinda “Lucy” Clover
Irving Patterson
Allie Hensman
Kyle Wagner
Rev. Perry Inbody
William Specks
Andrew Burton
Benny McGill
Philip Swinford
Fred Aims
Genessee “Gina” Tailfeathers
Maria Kingsford
Funtime Freddy
Tommy Harden
Lawrence Blackwood
Dulf Zug
The Brute
Valeria Batten
Olivia Jenks
Steele Archer
Judge Harry Somerset
Prescott Utter
Philip Swinford (Exp 1)
Chuan “Jen” Qi
Howard Aswell
Ramiro Mendoza
Travis Moone
Mongwau the Mighty
Elander Boldman
Prof. Eustace True
Marion Seville
Sanford Taylor
Tallulah “Lula” Morgan
Dr. Arden Gillman
Makaio Kaleo, Esq
The Fixer
Andreas Andregg
Barton Everest
Silas Aims
Wilbur Crowley
Slade Lighbody
Allie Hensman (Exp 1)

So that’s 49 options, I have included all faction guys as Felix and Lois provide any faction the option to run blessed

That is assuming Blessed 0 though. Blessed 2 opens it up much further.

That too, I just went for assuming you were planning on only hitting it at 9. I am just updating my grit list sheet and I’ll post it shortly in a seperate thread

See my post above, though I only counted dudes that would actually succeed on the skill check to then play themselves… A different standard :stuck_out_tongue:

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Because your starting dudes never get discarded?

Lucy, Tommy, Phil, Andrew, Jake

Are all starters that see a lot of play, being able to grab them back quickly is amazing, not least of all because it means you can pull the low values back out of your deck before they start failing pulls. Especially chump dudes like Phil (sorry Phil)


I never said your low value units never get discard. That’s definitely a great use of the card. Especially since if you use it turn 1 or 2 since they’ll still be in your discard (not in your deck mucking up your miracle skill checks). AND they come back with an extra influence. Really good effect.

I’m just trying to figure out why people are upset about having to include low value units to make this card work when that’s not necessarily true. Sure my list has a few stinkers, but I’d say Angela Payne and Mario Crane are both pretty solid dudes, and on value for a blessed deck (Walk the Path and Consecration respectively).