[N@N Preview] Lula's Exploit

Howdy pardners! I’m Willingdone, and I make review and tutorial videos for card games on Youtube. I’ve done reviews for all of the Saddle Bags and AEG was so kind as to give me a preview card from the upcoming Bag. Check out my preview video for a new gadget-oriented deed called Lula’s Exploit!


Interesting… It’s not the 8 value deed I want, but is it the 8 value deed that Gomorra needs?

Wow, that seems pretty awesomesauce for my LD Gadgets. It’s on a value you’re likely to want and really helps to provide a targeted economic “oomph” that the sub-faction archetype seems to sorely need.

Now if I could only get a startable MS:2 so that I could run 3’s and the Telepathy Helmet on-value…

Well I played 2 Circle and 1 Pat’s Perch in my Fourth Ring decks before… and looks like nothing will change.

Judging by the wording on the card, it seems like there’ll be another card that would add ghost rock to this deed. Otherwise, why would you ever need to discard down to two ghost rock?

If you don’t use the GR from the previous turn.

Then it would still only have two on it. You only add GR during upkeep if there isn’t already two GR on it.

Wow. This fits so perfectly with everything I’m trying to do in my Morgan gadgets deck. I am absolutely pulling a pair of these things right out of the packaging and straight into my deck. See ya, Pat’s Perch!


Great card, in my opinion, a staple in every gadget deck.

Seriously guys, please stop showing the card in video only. This is very uncool.


As always, the Gazette is here to Spoil you and all of our readers with the finest Spoiler viewing experience:


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My Gadgetorium deck is normally fine for money anyway, but it’s on value and will easily replace one Pat’s Perch. Maybe of more use in LD Mad Science, if the economy’s tighter there.

I don’t use flame-thrower or force field every turn, but telepathy helmet and mechanical horse is another matter. This deed will be of use in gadget decks, especially if bought with William Specks’ help. Like.

Yes! Gadgets gain longevity! Let’s brew up some Vitality Tonic and shoot up!

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That’s what I like best about it, that it’s not just shootout abilities which you may or may not be using in a turn. There’s generally no reason to not use this extra GR for non-shootout abilities if you’ve got them though.

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