Name A Card Online Event Results, Video, and Deck Lists

Josh Roberts wins the Online Name A Card 2020 Round-Up and chooses to have a Deed named “Smith Family Farm” to enter the world of Doomtown!

The finals for this event when Josh faced off with Tombstone Marshal Dave Hogg can be found here:

Doomtown 2020 Name A Card Online Round-Up Finals
Doomtown Online Event
Josh Roberts (Protection Racket) v. Dave Hogg (Spiritual Society) finals of the online Name A Card 2020 round-up.

Deck Lists for the event can be found at, some of which are linked below. We highly recommend reading the narrative for Dave’s deck.

Six-Shooter: Final Chamber. Outlaws, Protection Racket. Event Winner

Mariel’s Mega-Muggers: First Peoples, The Spiritual Society. Event Runner-Up

Holster Clyde: Law Dogs

Gadget Hand Rank Manipulation: Smith & Robards Trade Show Top 4

Law Dogs: 2nd in Swiss

Josh named all 6 decks played thematically through chambers:

First Chamber: Law Dogs

Second Chamber: Morgan Regulators

Third Chamber: 108 Drunken Masters

Fourth Chamber: Full Moon Brotherhood

Fifth Chamber: Office of Ancestral Affairs


Love all the write ups and deck postings, please keep em coming!

Looking forward to the Ranger and Gencon Marshal postings.