Name your Outfit Loyalty

If you where going to a tournament and had to play an outfit, because it did something in the story (like L5R). What would be your outfit that you would choose? Why would you choose them?

I can go shooter, gadget, Landslide or just flexibility.

Oooo tough call.

I guess I’d go 108. I was a staunch Law Dog player at the start but fell in love with the mechanics behind 108 the first time I played them.

I was really trying to like the Law Dogs story wise, but to be honest I did not care for Dave very much, maybe things will change with the new Sheriff, hopefully Abram Grothe. As soon as they start to enforce the law with the mighty wrath of god I am back in.

But from the start I felt comfortable with Sloane. I really enjoy the gameplay mechanics like riding into town for a robbery with a couple of battle hucksters, also their storyline is getting really interesting with possessed-by-something-Sloane.

I also like me some Fourth Ring, but right now they are just the evil circus, nobody knows anything about. So not enough background yet to really like them apart from gameplay.

The 108 Bandits might change that, though. Had not yet the chance to play them but from my first impression and the stories so far, they could give sloane a run for their money.

So, in short:

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At heart, I am old Whateleys Extended Family player, so I loves me so 4R and now Oddities of Nature.
Buuuut, I generally like to play counter what most others are playing. With the spate of Klownz Kontrol decks, I’m actually PLAYING more Sloane/DR or various MCC/Gadget decks.

But I love writing about 4R of all the outfits :smiley:


Law Dogs, because of Rafi Hamid. I really liked the fiction introducing him, so I decided I’d build decks around him. Abram’s been getting some awesome fic moments recently too, in fact I quite like all the Dogs (except Dave, he just wasn’t that interesting a guy…)

The 108 might knock the Dogs from top spot, I’ve really enjoyed their fic stuff so far (and they do have the unfair advantage of being a faction I like from Deadlands).

Morgan get an honorable mention for Lula, Jon Longstride and Lane Healey.

As for what I end up playing, I’m very much falling into @davido4015’s camp of ‘counter to what’s popular’. Gotta increase variety and turn up the jank!


Well for now, Eagle Wardens. I like the faction more than the specific Outfit, so hopefully their next one is more to my taste (not that I’m against card draw, but I’d prefer somethign Spirit focused). They’re true blue good guys hoping to get rid of the creepy nasties around town, even if it means running up against the other good guys to do it, they know more about what goes bump in the night and how it needs to be handled.

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