[NaN Preview] Sister Mary Gideon

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Yay! Nuns with guns!

If you want her only for the blessed skill 6GR is a bit expensive, but 6GR for Blessed 1, 1 influence and that trait is a very solid starter dude. The only thing I don’t like is how blessed dudes tend to become one man armies, first Abraham/Evanor, now her.

By the way, Daniel Jimenez’s artwork is impressive.

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Another dude for a ‘Nun with a gun’ themed deck? Awesome. She’s a on a good value, she’s a stud, has influence, is Blessed 1 and has a nice trait - just what we needed. I like this card :smile:


Basically the same thing as Abram Exp. Cheaper, but no built-in resistance to Suns (no Deputy keyword) and to Paralysis Mark (mid value).

Still need more protection and extra mobility. Have to start Rev. Perry alongside her to have him unboot her and cast Walk The Path and Lay On Hands. That’s 9 gr for 1 infl. No upkeep, so can start Lucy (and play the original outfit?). Or start Felix Amador instead of both Rev. Perry and Lucy? No, better to separate the mobile influence and support for the solo shooter. Still have money for Philip and Jake, but that’s bland. Need a new cheap dude with influence who would be beneficial as a starter for miracle decks.

I really like her. Even if you don’t use her trait, she’s still stud and blessed 1 with inf. and with her trait, there’s some real potential against a lot of decks especially when you combine her with the right miracles.

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Why do you HAVE to start rev. with her?
That just seems to be an option.

I like that sister, seems like a nice blessed fighter. And she is perfect For Such a Time as This as she can be targeted by the job even playing 9s (her value) with any blessed 1 or more

Him, or any other blessed. He just seems like the best option for dedicated support.

If you plan to fight with the Sister solo, you neen someone to save her with Lay On Hands, otherwise your whole game plan can be foiled with a single Suns or Coachwhip or a myriad other things.

You also need extra mobility, because your opponent will try to lure her to a deed, and then you need to somehow go back to the town square, unbooted. For that, you need someone else to cast Walk The Path, or to unboot the Sister. Otherwise she’d be stuck at the town square with no chance to go contest or defend deeds. And camping in the town square only works if you’re Sloane. Note that the Sister cannot effectively protect your dudes in adjacent locations, because if they are called out and she moves in to help, she will not get her bonus bullets, and Holy Roller will not protect the other dude.

Also note that Walk the Path contests with Scoop Hound.

I feel yhe other way, she’s better for playing the job herself. Sending her alone is frightening enough to disuade the oponent and she can defend the job.
Then you fetch Perry and unboot her.

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I really like Sister Mary. However, I would agree that I was hoping for more of a cheaper Valeria-esque support Blessed. 6-cost is just too expensive for such a supporting dude. Hopefully that’s still in the pipeline somewhere soon.

I kind of like her in a Miracle shootout deck out of the Arsenal, especially with the new Saber. She’s significantly cheaper than Abram XP as a starter where upkeep matters so much more and she does the Superman thing nearly as well (if not better in some cases).

I like everything about her! I feel like she’s flexible, she -can- be a starting dude, but she works alright as a mid game play. it feels a little bit like the ‘superman’ blessed theme might be a ‘superfriends’ theme, where instead of sporting posses your dudes split up largely into one man groups with long distance support. Curious to see how it develops but the Law Dog blessed are definitely starting to grow on me.