[NaN Preview] Stoker's Sabre!



Now that is a fun one for aggresive hucksters. Using Soul Blast, Mirror Mirror, Corporeal Twist or Fetch twice in a shootout can be really dangerous and we are not limited to spells that were used in this shootout. And same thing for miracles. We can revive Shield of Faith, Holy Roller and Consecration so our Abrahm we can survive even longer. We would have to sacrifice couple of Shield of Faith but that is trade I’m willing to take.

And looks like we will see first succesfull use of Clown Carriage on Morgan Cattle Co.


Melee has to be a keyword explained in the rules to save space in the cards. I know filling the rulebook with keywords and their rules makes it harder to learn for new players, but if Harrowed is in the rules, why not Melee?

Anyway, good card with a tight cost, not expensive nor cheap. Lets see if shootouts are so long you can play 3 shootout actions unmolested.

Melee is not necessarily always going to work in the same way :wink:

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Ok then, but so far it has been this way, so my worry was somehow justified :sweat_smile:

Seems like “Melee” just exists in order for weapons like guns to not have it.

Love the link to classic and love the card!

Although clowns have no lack of huckster studs, 4R decks built around 7’s are pretty rare these days. My Aboms-on-Horses deck wouldn’ benefit much from it, as my only spells are Fetch (another 7’) and Paralysis Mark (not usable in shootouts). Gozik’s aggro Clownappin’ deck, on the other hand, might want one of these for Popescus and their Corporeal Twist and Mirror Mirror.

Speaking of which, if i cast Mirror Mirror (any mode) while there is an unbooted non-melee weapon in the opposing posse, and then it gets booted, i’ll end up with my huckster having 2 bullets more than its double. That’s kinda fun :slight_smile:

Outside of 4R, the only dudes who can effectively weild the Sabre are Jonah Essex and Abram Grothe, though they are not very popular as starters at present. Oh, and the Mayor, of course! That would be entertaining, seeing Nic swing the blade :slight_smile:


Very awesome throwback to Classic, Stoker was always a very cool character, and quite the nice card. More mystical goods for 4R. Nice cost and nice value.

Edit: Nope, found my answer on the art, nevermind, accurate to the setting then.

Any deputy blessed in a deck with FotD or Consecration would also find some good use for it as well I think

“Any deputy blessed” literally refers to Andrew Burton only =_= (besides Abram)
Unless you mean to throw Prayer into the mix, then yeah, go go Phil!

Why nobody has mentioned yet that Jose Morales becomes a Huckster 5 in shootouts? He could twist your body a couple of times before vaporizing you into oblivion with a soul blast.

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And with Antheia pulling a club gives the pull +3 value. Scary stuff o.o

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The nice things about new cards is that this might change because of, you know, new cards :slight_smile: .

It might. But not because of the Sabre.

One of these days I’m going to assign mplain the title of “Resident Downer” :stuck_out_tongue:


Here’s a funny thing for you all: Stoker’s Sabre doesn’t work with Summoning and Consecration.

What if you use Consecration during the gamblin’ phase, then boot it to call someone out with the Arsenal’s ability?

Is that a rules question or a strategy question? :slight_smile:

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