Need to sell my complete Doomtown collection Price Reduced

I have a complete set of Doomtown Reloaded cards including the Premium Edition in wooden box with custom wooden tray inserts, every Pine Box expansion and every Saddlebag expansion released to date, including The Curtain Rises. I’m looking for $150+shipping in the USA. I would be interested in trading for a complete Android: Netrunner collection. Please pm me with any questions or offers.

Hi, @ephrael
I apologize if this isn’t a PM. I’m still trying to learn the system, and I might not be allowed to PM as a new user. I’m interested in making an offer for your collection of Doomtown Reloaded if it is still available.

The forum is locking me out of replying any more to our conversation thread (limit of 3 replies to the same thread for a new user). Can you start a new one with me so I can reply again?

I sent you a new message but in case it isn’t working my email address is You can email me to continue our discussion.