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Dear Pinebox,
If this thread idea is too presumptuous, I won’t be offended if you delete it. But. I’d like a place to “drop” ideas that I come across when making decks when I encounter what I perceive as “holes” and/or “opportunities” in the card base. The proposal is as follows. I will just post ideas for new cards here, once, and without really pushing them, knowing that this site is frequented by the design team as you all continue to pick up the reins and bring this great game back from the dead and into the future.

Let me know if this might be helpful (at best) or non-obtrusive (at worst)?


Sorry if this is seen as intruding on your thing, Mr. Caldwell(on a thread that already may be seen as too intrusive and priviledged. Oh my!), but I would like to see more cards that interact with keywords on deeds(Holy Ground, Government, Saloon). It seems like the design team was already moving in this direction, with cards like ‘Beyond the Veil’, Mick Aduladi, and Constance Daughtry, but I would like them to explore more thematic and mechanic avenues, like a preacher that gets a buff to their skill rating and influence while they’re at a holy ground location, or a law dogs dude who could start a job to confiscate another dude’s goods if the the other dude is at a Government location.(“There’s no way you’re bringing a flamethrower in here. Put it in the bin. And get that mutt out of here, for god’s sake, this is a respectable establishment!”).

Frankly I’m suprised that the team hasn’t yet made a Law Dogs outfit that encourages people to build around government deeds. Though they could be waiting until more government deeds are printed, and story-wise, it would be pretty hard to justify an outfit that emphasizes the beauracratic side of the Law Dogs when Gomorra is currently a pile of rubble controlled by a bunch of bandits. Or maybe the team will turn it around with the new Legend cards. Something like, thanks to the newfound anarchy, townsfolk are even more desperate for some kind of centralized power, looking to some influential figure as the embodiment of the order and peace they used to take for granted. Maybe there would be some kind of ironic inversion of the Election Day Slaughter when the Law Dogs take back the town.(Whereas the original Election Day Slaughter saw the Sloane Gang trying to undermine the election by killing major players in the government, forcing the town to make a literal deal with the devil by electing someone even worse than Sloane herself, its’ bookend would see the Law Dogs leading an attack on the new Sloane Gang and killing off major players in order to take back the town and being so desperate for a leader that they fail to realize they may have just elected a corrupt tyrant who manipulates the law on a whim, meanwhile, the Sloane Gang, realizing how important it is that they’re lead by someone better than the now extra dead Mario Crane, would have a mock election of their own, and ultimately be led by someone far more benevolent than the people now running Gomorra.). But I don’t know. I’m not the Dalai Lama, and I’m certainly not someone on the design team. (Seriously though, sorry if this is annoying to anyone at all. I’m just an idiot who can’t shut up, and made the terrible decision to vomit their rambling thoughts on a page.)

On a completely different note, it might be better to frame this thread as Custom Card thread, like they have on the Netrunner Reddit, and give viewers a theme or mechanic to ponder every so often, letting them explore different design spaces and share their whacky card ideas in a focused setting. Actually, I might just create one if those threads every couple weeks or so. Especially if the designers see it as rude to be giving them blatant design suggestions, and DOUBLE especially if what I’m talking about interfere or work counter with what you originally had in mind for this thread. (Once again, sorry if ANYONE sees this as rude or smug or pompous or pretentious or anything at all.).

I’ve already written way too much. I’m gonna go ahead and keep the rest of my ideas bottled up inside my head. Laters!


Something where Sidekicks have something cool to do at Noon.

Was in the middle of building a deck that tries to get The Blighted out - you know, a big mob of zombies - and was like “alright, I have all these sidekick dudes, now what?..”

Maybe something like “Noon: Boot any number of sidekicks attached to a dude you control. For each sidekick you boot, you may boot an opposing card at this location.”

Run Wild
Q of clubs
1 cost

Noon Job, Boot: Mark the town square. If successful, each other player must discard a dude with value less than or equal to the number of sidekicks in your posse. If the job was unopposed, ace them instead.
“Don’t worry, they don’t bite… much.”


How about…

Inventors’ Fair
7 of clubs
1 cost


Whenever a Gadget is invented during this shootout, that Gadget’s inventor gets +1 bullets and becomes a stud. Whenever a dude with a Gadget attached is aced during this shootout, the opposing posse’s shooter permanently gains 1 control point.

This could really increase the stock of cards like Concealed Weapons, Auto Revolver, Drew Beuman, and Janosz Pratt. It forces you to protect the inventors who get buffed, meaning a trusty Force Field can help keep your opponent from looting the corpses of your Mad Scientists for control points. It also creates an exciting scenario in a Gadget mirror match where one big blood-soaked Gadget shootout decides the game. Because Knowledge is Power.

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Pocket Bible
4 of hearts
1 cost

Artwork: Picture of a bullet lodged in a small leather bound book.

Equip only on a blessed dude.
A dude cannot have more than one pocket bible equipped.
This dude gets plus one to their blessed skill.
Pocket bible can be discarded to cover one casualty.

“I always keep one in my shirt pocket.”


That could be really fun to combo with clown carriage and the wretched. I feel like the effect isn’t nearly strong enough to justify the drawback, though I like the idea. Problem is, most gadgets that allow inventing at shootout speed aren’t that good. For me to even think about playing this it would need to be something like:

Science Fair
7 of clubs
1 cost

artwork: Depicts the annual MCC science fair. Seemingly endless rows of tables, all covered with various lab equipment, exhibits, and spare parts.

You may invent gadgets as a shootout play. After the shootout ends, discard all gadgets invented this way. Whenever a dude with a gadget equipped is aced, the opposing shooter permanently gains 1 control point.

With this version, this card could see play in a wide variety of gadget decks. I would definitely use it in order to invent a force field in a pinch, though it might be tricky considering the scientist still has to boot. I guess this card also synergizes with Disgenuine Currency Press, because of the forced discard. Regardless, I love the thematic implications of somebody running into the science fair, slapping together a Personal Ornithopter and blasting back home. Double points if the shootout immediately ends, leading to what I can only imagine as a cartoony crash landing and miniature explosion.

I like the image of the more prepared/faster scientists making slight modifications to thwart their opponents’ inventions.

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I loved almost every card from classic that was reworked for DTR (not including auction of course ;)). More of those please, maybe tomahawk.

How about 9 clubs, Insulting Twat! FEAT: When this card is pulled choose it’s suit and value, it is considered to be that suit and value instead for this pull. Noon: Boot one of your dudes. That dude calls out an opponents dude at their location which cannot be refused.

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I’ll second the 9 of clubs: Something generic; anything halfway decent! :scream: If one is not playing high value spells or law dogs, it’s a seriously painful value to build around.

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Core Out-of-Town Deed for Fourth Ring.

Maybe something that discounts or otherwise boosts Mystical Goods. I am reminded here of the Archeological Digs from Classic. Perhaps they could not only be Core, but also Non-Unique. Something like “For each Archeological Dig you control, you may reduce cost of Mystical Goods you put into play by 1”

Although he is “dead” a big idea would be to give Richard Slavin more places to do his thing, and to generally raise the value of Mystical Goods for the Fourth Ring, even as they head in this “new direction”…

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Reminds me of that deck that had Ol’ Howard to start a pat’s perch and used Slavin to try and find a legendary holster as quickly as possible.

A Lawdog with a Mad Scientist skill of 2 without (too) weird or (too) restrictive drawbacks whose cost-stat ratio could qualify him for a starting position with other “nerdy” Dogs without breaking the bank. Whew.

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve gone “I’m going to build a low-value Lawdog Mad Science deck and it’s going to be Awesome” only discover that my pulls are consistently exactly one short. This is a wall I have run up on many times - it’s like I get amnesia between the current time and the last.

Imagine you could create a visual three-dimensional network of “potential DTR deck ideas” - there is an entire “branch” of “Low Dog Science” that needs a single link to communicate with the rest of the network. We need that missing link, and I’m not talking Lucy.


Rorik Podarok
9 of spades
Two stud bullets
0 influence
Morgan Cattle Company
5 cost, 1 upkeep

Rorik cannot equip sidekicks or horses

Pay 1 ghost rock, boot: Choose a sidekick or horse attached to a dude at Rorik’s location. Discard that card and pull. If the value of the pull was higher than the card discarded, ace it instead. That cards’ controller gains ghost rock equal to its’ cost.

“Rorik is very good butcher. Most efficient in town.”

Also yes… thematically Rorik could be considered a cannibal. (That poor scoop hound!)

Ok I want a 1-cost Holy Ground deed.

Running Totems out of Gateway to Beyond and started using Ol’ Howard to make certain I can play any I draw out-of-hand on the first turn.

The expensiveness of Eagle Warden dudes makes this a little bit of a rough start, as I also want sufficient Influence to be able to survive and build up a few turns while also starting with high-skill Shamans. So naturally, I looked to 1-cost deeds to try to ensure that I can actually afford to play the Totems I draw, everything else being in place.

And out of the seven 1-cost non-Core deeds, only two have actually useful abilities: Stagecoach Office and Joker’s Smile.

So, it’d be cool if there was a 1-cost deed with the Holy Ground keyword - as I feel sinking 3 ghost rock at the start is a fair price to pay for starting with two.

Dr. Dayl Burnett is made for those decks in mind :wink:

Which totems are you struggling to play? Just curious because you have 2 totems that can turn any deed into Holy Ground.

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Good point @db0, and perhaps an example of how new cards can help old cards. The newly previewed Stewart Davidson can help you make use of Dr Burnett’s ability in a broader range of LD homes or while keeping dudes wanted.

Dr Burnett, Tommy Harden, Phil and Stewart Davidson is 16 GR, 1 upkeep and has a stud and 4 influence. Gives you a stud and an easy way to throw out bounty tokens to fuel Dr Burnett’s inventions.

Maybe a little vulnerable as it only starts one MS and doesn’t have a bullet catcher - could try to squeeze one in, or perhaps replace Phil with Jake Smiley (and fun the risk of facing Full Moon Brotherhood - you’d still have 3 Inf excluding Jake) and add in a 1GR bullet catcher. :slight_smile:

Perhaps on 3 (culpability scientizer + shotgun, some good deeds, 4x Sun in Yer Eyes, some solid deeds, Janosz Pratt as back-up MS,), 6 (faster on the draw, technological exhibition, Holy Wheel Gun, Mortimer Parsons, Lucy Clover Exp), 7 (Auto Revolver, Pinned Down, Drew Beaumon, Roderick Byre). Splash in a few off value cards as Cheatin’ punishment and to help in lowball.

Can run out of Arsenal (use weapons for callouts) or the original LD box (back-up way to generate bounties if Stewart Davidson leaves play, albeit getting rid of him will normally force your opponent to generate a lot of bounties).

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Dr. Dayl Burnett is currently unique, and a big step forward for Low Dog Science.

Having a single skilled dude is fine for a casual environment - I have an Arsenal deck that runs Signing Over the Stores which starts him - but as soon as you change to a competitive environment, the deck’s vulnerability becomes forefront - If Dayl goes, the deck simply cannot recover.

I find a lot of concepts to pass the first (casual) test but fail the second (competitive) test. It seems there are a great many concepts that are perhaps a single starting dude away from graduating from casual to competitive viable.

And so, the wishlist stands!

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Something for The Mixer to concoct, who reads:
“Choose a dude. For the duration of this shootout, that dude ignores all bullet modifiers except from attached goods.”

Love his/her art, concept. But the ability doesn’t really synergize with anything in-faction yet.

We could go the Classic route and print “EW-only” goods like Bow and Arrow (I’m imagining a boot dude+bow to Pull over Grit to hit opposing dude with combined stud-removal and first-casualty penalty). This is certainly one direction.

Or we could introduce some new way to mesh mechanics. I’m thinking expendable goods (think Blight Serum) that have a one-time strong effect. Perhaps introduce the Experimental keyword. Like “Boot, Pull: Ace this card. If you pull clubs, boot this dude who does not unboot during Sundown. This dude [insert bullet bonuses and other cool effects here].”

Or do both. “If your dude is EW, they may attach this at location they do not control (as shoppin’).”

Admittedly, if we go this route, we’ll have to adjust “attached goods” to “goods” or somesuch.

A non-Totem Eagle Warden leader card.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Totem concept - communal spells anchored to a location - but I would also like to see horizontal growth within the Eagle Warden faction around the nascent mechanics gifted to the outfit. Attire, Horses, Influence, Kung Fu, Sidekicks.

I really like Chief Stephen Seven-Eagles - the idea of causing a ruckus all around town to set up his win condition and then waltzing into the Townsquare - but I’d also love to see a cool experienced version of him (or another EW dude?) that interacts with the outfit’s secondary mechanics.