New Composite Rules & FAQ v.4

New Composite Rules for Doomtown Reloaded are published on the AEG website - that’s the basic rulebook plus additional rules from expansions (Experienced, Cooperatin’) and errata (Jia Mein Reversal, acing as a cost, additional requirements on jobs, etc.). Unfortunately, the new sections are not marked with red color.

The corresponding sections were removed from the new FAQ. v.4, and many recent rulings were added.

Tournament Floor Rules also got updated, but it’s not obvious what’s actually new there (besides the reversal on the timing of grifters)

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I’ve noticed that the rulebook now mentions the ‘Headline’ keyword. We haven’t seen any ‘Headline’ actions yet, have we?


It’s an old rule (restriction) about events in classic DT. Events we still don’t have in Reloaded, so it might be a minor spoiler. The rule says something like this (quoting dbzer0 here): “It was felt by the design team that Events were becoming a bit too overpowering, and it was decided to reduce their impact on the game a little. What this means is that each player can now only resolve one Event per day. If a player has two or more Events appear in his or her lowball Draw hand, pass them face down to an opponent who randomly selects one - this Event resolves while all others are discarded without effect.”

Sorry if it’s old news for you :B

Not actually in the FAQ yet, but this ruling on Flight of the Lepus overrites what has previously being said by the member of the rules team on the FB group. The moral of this story is: always ask on the rules forum! :slight_smile:

Useful information. Enjoy the sticky.

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That would be interesting - I wonder how it would be implemented in OCTGN…

The Headlines keyword is explained in the rulebook as follows:

Headline is a keyword that can appear on action cards. Only one Headline action can be
played per shootout. If any player in the shootout has used a Headline action, another
Headline action cannot be used during that shootout (even by a different player).

Sorry Larik, I reversed that pretty quickly.

I missed the ruling on FB, but it’s been around for well over a month now, and as there’s no need to rule it any different I edited my post.

You’re right though, much better to ask questions on the forums - they don’t get lost that way



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The Movin’ Rules have been reworded in the new Composite Rules updated December 10:

" As a Noon play you can move one of your unbooted dudes to any other location in play (a
deed, a home, or the town square), regardless of how far away that location is, or whether
or not it’s adjacent. This movement boots a dude, unless you’re making one of the following
two special moves:

  1. A dude can move from their own home to an adjacent location without booting.
    Locations adjacent to your home are typically the town square and the deeds either side of
    your home, but could include other locations as indicated by card effects.

  2. A dude can move from the town square to any adjacent location except their own
    home without booting. This typically includes all in-town deeds and other players homes,
    but again may include other locations if instructed by other cards. "

No longer can we move from the Town Square to a non-adjacent in-town deed without booting (ie, Maza Gang Hideout).

(Composite Rules - July 03 2015)

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The new floor rules have been published with some major changes -

As such, the first post should be updated.