New factions?

Hello to everyone! i’m new here, first of all i really wanna thanks to the people who did this, great work!

So, im asking if there is a category for news of the game, i mean, news like for example future releases, some spoilers, etc…

The first thing i wanna know is that if we gonna see someday new factions ¿what do you think guys? ¿any idea? i personally think that has to be a complete pinebox with a new faction for “equalize” the number of cards with the other factions… but i dont know… Also, about the Shamans and Spirits… ¿how gonna works?

There is a category to put this questions? Thanks a lot in advance!

PD: Sorry for my shitty written english, i need to improve! :wink:

We got you covered for spoilers, reviews and speculation :wink:

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Thanks! im already learning to use the site :smiley:

Well based on classic, the shaman spirit rules will be the same as blessed miracles or huckster hex rules.

Hexes tend to screwing the opponent
Miracles seem to be buffs / saving people
Spirits who know!

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I wonder if spirits could affect deeds. You summon them and they act as an improvement that modifies dudes at that location or gives the deed another ability.

I heard spirits will tend to be global effects this time around. Stuff which affects the total game board. Which would make sense with the Deadlands lore.


You mean, for example, discard ths dude: this noon phase all the bullets converts to a draw…

that kinds of effects?

I don’t really care about getting a new factions if we just get a new set of homes for the four we already have every so often. That seems far more workable from an overall design angle too, since then you don’t need to drop a ton brand new faction specific cards to keep the new guys up to par.

Im agree with you, but undeads and indian americans are an important part in the background history of Doomtown so…

Given that in the story we already see situations of internal conflict between members of the same faction i think it would be “better” to have homes that are different factions rather than new factions themselves.

I personally didn’t even think that the original homes were the factions names for quite a while.
I thought it was just law, bandit, monster, rancher. Besides i like the idea of same team different goals as i feel it fits the way that the doomtown universe often ends up.

You can have a Home for MCC that is all of the workers and ranchers protesting against the use of MS on the livestock which is already a thing in the flavor text and have that be the spirit based home. You could even go so far as, (when the cardpool is larger) limiting the types of cards in these homes. So in this same home you get some bonus to spirits but cannot play MS.

New factions just make the drip feed of cards even more frustrating in my opinion and i feel like they can introduce new concepts and characters without having to create new factions specifically for them.

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I’d be pretty surprised if there isn’t a Native American faction coming at some point…maybe Agency or Rangers too.

Was anything annouced/hinted? Did I miss the memo :hushed: ?
Hexes and Miracles are pretty much opposing each other (mecanically-wise). It seems hard to guess what the focus of spirits will be. But your guess seem as good as any.

Or improvements or buffs to animals - giving horses extra abilities for a turn, healing sidekicks or temporarily duplicating them. That would be really neat to see.

Or perhaps anti-harrowed, or harrowed-buffing, spirits depending on weather the shaman is death energy or life focused.

I can also see shamanism using tutor effects, or spirits that allow you to view what your opponent has coming up in their deck, or in their play hand.

Yes? But yeah, global effect type stuff.

Someone would have to ask Rich Carter and Brian Flory the specifics. They said there was an article about how the three spell types worked.

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And now, what are the guesses? (at least first question of the OP is answered :slight_smile: )

My guess is two different tribes of native indians, the ones more “life/light” based and the anothers more “dead/dark” based…

Maybe the spirits can set raining in the game… :stuck_out_tongue:

Like Ravenites and Ghost Dancers?


Yes! cause, they are very different… and theres a lot of different tribes in the deadlands universe so… Would be great, and also i see more “easy” to combine with the cards we have if theres two new factions who shares some keywords…