New fiction 9/9/2015


I’m loving the Immovable Object, Unstoppable Force fiction so far. It’s doing a great job of capturing the personalities of the characters involved.

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Yeah finally sat down and read this. Pretty nice! I’m definitely liking both groups. Nice direct sequel to the rulebook fiction and shows off the abilities and personalities very nicely. And the conflict feels organic, like this isn’t forced, they’re at completely cross purposes and both think they’re in the right. Definitely looking forward to how they clash with the existing factions.

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Me too! Not just in the story but in the Meta. There’s a limited information due to it not being widely available. And only getting a lot of attention on OCTGN. A lot of great players aren’t on OCTGN - should be awesome.

This idol better do something awesome! Lots of mystery surrounding it so far.

I love the flavour in this story, especially during the shootout. I guess Sarah summoned a couple Ancestor spirits to help out, though technically Xui Yin would have gotten a chance to kung fu their butts before the second one was summoned :stuck_out_tongue:

My theory:
It holds a demon.
Probable truth:
It does nothing.