New Fiction/Preview: Owl's Insight

Found here.

I like how the story works with the art on the card, and I’m interested to find out what (if anything) Butch manages to learn.

As for the card, it’s situational, but great if you’re running lots of spirits and have a hand full of hearts. Useful for quickly setting up a totem fort (or ‘Fortress of Spiritude’ :smile: ).

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Note, it’s also useful during a shootout when you’ve already used most or all of of your play hand to get a free refill.


I suppose this works like General Store?

ie, any dude in any location can have a goods attached regardless whether or not they are booted - and totems can only be attached if there is an unbooted shaman at a location you control, and gadgets can only be invented by an unbooted mad scientist at a location you control?

… but only dudes in the shootout, if it’s not lowball?
(i think concealed weapons is only for dudes in the shootout, too, correct?)

Ah right, resolutions and shootout plays only affect dudes that are in a posse.

Wow, this sure makes this card powerful during lowball! You could change the entire board from a cheatin’ lowball hand.