New Fiction: "Stupid Things"

New fiction available here:

Glad to see a return to regular fiction, and congratulations to all the Law Dogs players who helped determine that it would be that faction introducing us to Tombstone.

Good piece, fine introduction to both Weird West in general the new story arc in particular.


Eh, might have some linguistical challenges - but what is a ‘grubstake’ and why would it make Wendy and Lucy leave Gommorah?

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Equity share in a project (often mining) received in exchange for providing equipment (generally) or money (sometimes). Some prospecting language.

So Wendy & Lucy received either an equity stake in a Tombstone project or the provisions/equipment to acquire such. Given that this section comes up in relation to rucksacks, it sounds like Lucy and Wendy took equipment/provisions (potentially with a Tombstone mining claim attached) rather than a cash bounty.


Thank you. I looked it up and had a difficult time understanding what the dictionary answer meant, but your explanation helps.

Somethis struck me. If they get involved in a minning operation, and they end a foul of outlaws, it might feel like its harkening back to Black Jack in a reversed sort of way.