New Gomorra Gazette episode with new Hex spoiler

Here are some highlights from the new Gomorra Gazette episode. Pinebox’s CEO, Alex (a former Gazette presenter), is on the other end of the microphone and answering questions. As normal, I’d recommend listening to the whole episode, the below leaves out lots of interesting detail (in part to encourage people to listen!), including some discussion on how Pinebox was formed and how the design process for both the Servitors and the new Hex worked. - new episode link

  • The Gomorra Gazette podcast has new presenters: Channing, Joe and Andy. The two of them present for this episode do a good job, nice mix of mechanics and fun. :thumbsup:
  • Legends are designed so that they’re optional, decks with and without Legends are designed to be viable.
  • The Legend that hasn’t been previewed yet has some of the greatest synergy with particular outfits/deck styles.
  • Trying to develop a living, breathing Doomtown story that fits in to the wider Deadlands world. Stories in other places can still influence previous locations and dudes.
  • Trying to bring some archetypes up to the same level as existing strategies.
  • Epitaph events: Pinebox are encouraging tournament users to follow whatever format works best for their local area, whether that is a standard tournament, league play or a casual play day where everyone who turns up gets promos.
  • Working on alternative formats, including reviewing the multiplayer rules. There are players who would rather play Doomtown as a multiplayer board game and they’re keen to support these players too.
  • Philadelphia story event in November (?).
  • They’re aiming to do another interview with Alex Wirges from Pinebox next month to keep the community up to date.
  • New spoiler, another option for low value hexes.


Very Spooky!

Love the podcast, really hope to get more content so I can listen to something other than the Deadlands’ Soundtracks while deckbuilding.

As for the new hex, you guys finally made me want to make a Sloan Huckster deck. Namely by running Ambush + multiple Nightmare Realms and give my opponent -2 bullets every round until they let me Ace their dude. Really excited to give this to Jose Morales alongside Soulblast.


Aw man, with two of these out out, you can force engagement for 3 full rounds.

This reminds me of the Classic card:

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Glad to see the enthusiasm for low value hexes and pleased this looks like a missing piece in the puzzle.

My cousin took the deck linked below to the final of Huddersfield’s 2016 Sheriff, it might give you some good idea for low value hexes. That said, he was using Kidnappin’ as his job - if you’re using Ambush as your job instead you’d be free to switch 7s for a different value or throw in one of the other great actions on 7 like Pinned Down.

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So I want to make sure I got this right on Nightmare Realm. A chosen opposing dude cannot leave for the round, and gets -1 bullet and value cumulative each round (when shooters are chosen). You also give a +1 bullet bonus to any one of your dudes in the shootout. (it doesn’t have to be the shooter, or the caster?)

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Nightmare Realm

Does “cannot leave” include card effects?

For example, what happens if someone tries to use Willa Mae to “save” the chosen dude?

“Resolution: Ace Willa to send all other dudes in your posse home booted.”

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This is correct @jayjester. The bullet bonus you give is to any one of your dudes in the shooter, it doesn’t have to be the caster or the shooter. [quote=“jordan_caldwell, post:7, topic:1798”]
Does “cannot leave” include card effects?

For example, what happens if someone tries to use Willa Mae to “save” the chosen dude?

“Resolution: Ace Willa to send all other dudes in your posse home booted.”

The ‘cannot leave’ also includes card effects. So in that case if my opponent used Nightmare realm on my Travis Moone, if I then tried to use Willa Mae during the resolution stage, it would send home booted all my dudes in my posse, except Travis Moone.

Hey gang!

Thanks for taking a listen and I appreciate the write-up!
We’re trying to get some more content out for you! As the Epitaph events are starting up, we want to be on the pulse of what’s winning and what strategies people are employing at their locals.

Excited to share more of Gomorra (and beyond) with all of you!