New OCTGN League?

The Gomorra Gazzette League is finally over, two months after it started. It was played strictly with pre-F&F cards, and the meta has gone through some substantial changes over that period. I believe it is time for us to start preparing for Season 2! Post your suggestions here on how to attract more participants, reduce the timeframe of the league, and overall improve the players’ experience. My thoughts are:

  1. Be aware that there’s a Guide to playing Doomtown on Octgn, it should make it easier for offline players to familiarize with the online interface.

  2. I personally liked the format where you can make a new deck for every match, within the same faction. Although since the league started, four new outfits have been released, so should we limit players to one faction or one outfit?

  3. One round per week is okay when it’s a full round with 4-8 pairs playing, but when it’s just one game over a whole week it feels very slow. By the end of the league I had a feeling that most people had forgotten it was still going.

  4. I think we should allow cards from new expansions to be used in decks as soon as they are on octgn (or with the start of the next round). It felt quite awkward play[test]ng EDS-only decks while Frontier Justice was around.

  5. It would be cool if the winner’s prize had something to do with the world of Doomtown. Like, if he made a cameo in one of the previews (i’m looking at you Alexis Mirges!)

What do you guys think? Are you eager to participate in the next League? :smiley:

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I don’t see how to speed up current format. Some players can play mondays others only fridays, if you give less then a weak per round some players can just lose per timeout. And it is not clear who to blame for their delay. Banning both from tournament is bad imho.

I have two alternative idea for format.
First is using stimhack league format. Everyone plays as much games as he can. Top4-8 is determined by ELO in the end of month. They play top cut with streams etc.
Second variant is to play tournament in single weakend day. That can be problematic due to timezones, but we can play two divisions EU and NA and then have finals next day.

I agree with mplain that if we play long league every new pack should be legal as soon as it appears at octgn.

One thing that I’m not sure I like is restriction within single faction. When you can pack 10+ initiation cards(kidnepping iwyk etc) only vs morgan and 4R but swap them with shootout actions vs LD and Sloane that creates different meta from usual top tier competitions. That could be intresting for me in netrunner, but I don’t have enough comtetitive doomtown games (only one 6p tournament here) so I would love if GG league represents real top tier doomtown.

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Personally I wish you just wouldn’t call a double-elimination tournament a “League” :slight_smile:

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Super excited because I get to play in the next league. I would like to see a more tourney based like 5 rounds of swiss, then a cut to top 8 or 16 then doing best 2 out of three for top top 16 or 8. That way you get more games in per person. IMO I don’t know how locking in decks would work , but it would be interesting not for or against that part.

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I think that the best way to run a “league” would be to stretch it out over the course of several months.

The idea would be to give everyone a matchup (best 2 out of 3) that needs to be completed within a certain period of time (weekly would be best, but maybe bi-weekly to accommodate for difficulties with scheduling).

Then have a concluding tournament based on the standings at the end of the league cycle.

You can use the tournament legal dates for what cards are available each week so the pool changes at least once before the end.


You could start up another tourney for those who have been eliminated. One we get to 8 remaining players in the tourney we could start another, and those still participating in the final 8 can participate in both.

That way the focus is less on “who won” and more on “playing organized doomtown on octgn.”


I like the monthly actual league idea with a cut to top 8.