New Pinebox Blog with Spoiler (The Winning Agenda) & OP details

Hello everyone,

There’s a good new blog on the pinebox site (link below) with a new spoiler (The Winning Agenda) - a versatile card with some cheatin’ punishment and card cycle. Nice to see influence playing a greater role for card effects too.

It also confirms that Tales from The Epitaph will cover a number of the “Name a Card” prizes from 2016’s Outlaw tournaments - it is great that Pinebox has been able to honour tournament results from before they began running the game.

Edit: a few other highlights…

  • Learn to play videos are coming as Pinebox are keen to support new player entering the game. :slight_smile:
  • Confirmation that the playtest team will continue to support new products with example decks, including for those with a slightly larger collection. Again, good to see encouragement for new players. There’s even the possibility of standalone decks in the future.
  • Epitaph tournament series: most popularly played gang will get some extra time in the story.
  • A Sloane Gang playmat will be coming at some point soon.

While it doesn’t replace itself, it really speeds up decks looking for a specific card, or card type. My idea for Showboating + Sight Beyond Sight, recursive with Hawly, rely on getting certain cards in discard pile, and drawings certain cards. This is perfect.


Perfectly maddening for your opponents I imagine. :wink:

It’s even on value for such a deck!

Updated my original post above with a few more highlights from the article.

I really need to start work on some more articles!