New player, looking to catch up on the important parts of the story

I just got into Doomtown, and while the story seems fascinating, and I love what it adds to the game, I don’t have time at the moment to read the entire archives. I’d like to get to a point where I can read and follow the new fictions as they come out, as I find time to absorb the last 18 months of stuff.

Are there any key entries that I should prioritize? Alternatively, is there a tl;dr rundown of the characters and events written up somewhere (or someone kind enough to write it for me here)?

Assume I’ve read everything that comes with the cards (up to Frontier Justice) and that I know where to find the complete archives. Card spoilers are ok with me.

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Here on GG, there is a link to find a list of all the dudes that have died during the storyline, but I can sum up the more important ones:

Spoilers ahead, avert your eyes if you wish not to know.

Lawrence Blackwood killed a bystander, confessed it in front of a preacher loyal to the law dogs and was turned in. He was later hanged for the crime.

Kyle Wagner was eaten by carnivorous beef cattle at Morgan’s R&D Ranch, a result of Prof. True’s auto cattle feeder.

Sheriff Dave Montreal was shot and killed by Sloane, after some hints that Sloane bears a terrible power within her. All this occurred during a Tumblebleed attack orchestrated by Jonah Essex.

Steven Wiles was killed at Morgan Manor during a raid to steal Austin Stoker’s sabre salvaged from the wreckage of the old Gomorra.

Max Baine quit Morgan Cattle Company after most everyone else thought the carnivorous cattle was a good idea.

(if anyone can come behind me and hide these behind normal spoiler buttons, that would be lovely. I don’t have time right now to figure it out. I’m at work… >.>; )

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To go back just a bit:

The game takes place in California in an area known as the Maze, which is a portion of California that has fallen into the ocean. The area was rife with a new resource called Ghost Rock, a super fuel that could burn longer and hotter than anything known to man at that point. The particular island that Gomorra sits on had a huge deposit within it that cause the townsfolk no end of trouble from many angles.

After a calamity that either killed or chased away the majority of the townsfolk, the strikes died down and it was resettled. With new factions making a bid for the town.


Also, when you do have time to dedicate to a bit of reading, the Doomtown Archives has every piece of fiction set in Gomorra.

(My cpu is acting up and not scrolling so sorry for the multiple posts)

The area of Gomorra is best described as a Hell-Hole. All manor of supernatural beasts and villains flock here for one reason or another.

Not a lot is known currently as to why the current batch are here, but the big story things to keep up with (IMO) are as follows:

  1. Morgan Cattle Company has developed carnivorous cows that have already eaten at least one of their own workers, and generally see no problem with this.
  2. There is a strange pestilence running rampant through the town. It acts like consumption but causes those infected to eventually walk off on their own.
  3. Sloan is hearing voices that seem to push her towards vengeance and wrathful actions.
  4. The Fourth Ring have been abducting people through various venues, though what happens to them isn’t clear.
  5. Nick Whately, an extremely powerful huckster, was made mayor, his current motives are not known.


What a great request! I’m the current Story Lead for the game. TBH, it wouldn’t be a bad idea for us to do something like this in general for everyone sometime. But since you asked, I’ll try to summarize the important bits.

For the record … when you’re looking at the Archives, you’ll notice that they are organized by release. Each release has a printed fiction that comes with the set, a series of shorter pieces used to preview upcoming cards, and a longer web fiction. We try to keep the bulk of the story meat in the longer pieces (rulebook and longer web pieces), so if you’re looking to prioritize your reading, those are the places to start. The shorter ones are great too … they just aren’t as central to the story as the longer ones are.

Alright … here we go.

As Gomorra was trying to get back on its feet after The Storm under the protection of Sheriff Dave Montreal, an outsider named Rafi Hamid came and orchestrated a mayoral race in an attempt to bring democracy to the filthy masses of the frontier. The local outlaw gang, led by Sloane, was hired to put a stop to it and they did, by murdering the two candidates in broad daylight … an event that has been dubbed the Election Day Slaughter. In their desperation to fill the office, the town signed a deal with the devil, swearing in Nicodemus Whateley, a powerful warlock from Gomorra’s past.

During the Slaughter, one of Sloane’s own, Lawrence Blackwood, felt the need to purge his guilty conscience, leading to his arrest and execution. This event enraged Sloane so much that she led her gang into town looking for revenge, but found a nightmarish scene as a swarm of tumblebleeds attacked the town. She should have cut her losses and retreated, but a mysterious inner voice spurred her on until she found Dave Montreal and shot him dead. In his absence, Abram Grothe, a preacher turned deputy/sword-wielding hero of the people, has stepped into the vacant office.

Meanwhile, Gomorra has been suffering from an outbreak of sickness. While the town’s minds and healers have been struggling to stem that tide, the Fourth Ring circus, led by Ivor Hawley has stepped in to help, offering some of their tents to help the sickest among them.

But he clearly has a secret agenda. Not only has he been directly responsible for one murder in the town, but he’s been gathering powerful relics for an unknown collector as well.

The Morgan Cattle Company has had their share of trials and triumphs. An alleged heir to Nathaniel Morgan’s cattle empire has appeared, and her name is Lula. She’s spoiled, entitled as all get out, and willing to do whatever it takes to get rid of Nathaniel’s wife, Lillian, and claim the whole thing for herself. At the same time, the brilliant minds of the Morgan Research Institute, headed by Louis Pasteur, have successfully recreated Morgan’s unique breed of cattle that put them on the map during their Ghost Creek days. But not everyone is supportive of the new development; the veterinarian Kyle Wagner gave his life as they discovered the new creatures taste for meat and Max Baine refused to be a part of bringing yet another horror to Gomorra.

Hopefully, that covers most of the high points and gets you set up to follow things as the story moves forward.


Don’t forget about Mario Crane, former cop in the east coast, hired by Morgan Cattle Co. met some circus performers and was shot to death by Sloane, but not the Sloane everybody knows today, but a hulking guy wielding two shotguns.

That didn’t stopped Mario from waking up next morning and continuing his journey west as a Harrowed dude, now he is looking for vengeance against Sloane.

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Ok wow, thanks everyone! All this is making me want to push reading the fiction backlog higher up on my reading list.
Thanks especially to Balder for the advice about what pieces to prioritize.

Hrm, I don’t remember it being stated that they were hired to do so. It’s been awhile since I read everything though.

It is suggested in part of Blackwood’s confession in the Faith and Fear rulebook piece.

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