New players on OCTGN

It seems that in last two weeks the number of players on OCTGN has increased. So I want to ask everybody who tried OCTGN and gave up because they couldn’t find a game, or just were discouraged by early experience with it to give it a try one more time, this is a best time to do it. Also if you see me online and you are a new player don’t hesitate and pm me, I will help you learn how to use interface etc .


I’ve downloaded it a few days ago and I’m still trying to figure out how it works. If I see you online and if I have the time(my main problem with this stuff, I don’t have time to seat before the computer for more than an hour) I’ll Pm you, or viceversa. :smile:

New players, check this out:

Guide to playing Doomtown: Reloaded on OCTGN


I guess I should give it a go.

I tried Netrunner out, but I really wasn’t digging the game as much on OCTGN as on the table. Too many key commands and interactions you had to work out manually if you screwed something up.

I would advice practicing a bit in offline mode, start a game try to play few lowballs, upkeeps, sundown, then try to play some cards and execute few scripts, finally learn how to draw and redraw, you don’t have to remember all of it, it is enough to understand how to do it and practice it few times. Also recently I played against a player who tried DTR on OCTGN some time ago and hated it then he tried it again recently and he says he loves it now. Also don’t put too much pressure on yourself in the first few games, focus on learning interface etc. wins will come with time.


I’m not too concerned with winning anyways. I just came in last place at a Deputy event over the weekend. Second last was a player who hasn’t played since release and didn’t bring decks :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ll play online again as soon as i got internet back at home (moved beginning of August).
Had a lot of fun playing DTR on OCTGN with swider, fu_ninja and co in July.
Can also play with people trying online for the first time and explain how stuff works, if i have some time :slight_smile:

I did not even know there was an offline mode!
I always enjoy using OCTGN and I don’t mind at all introducing the interface to new players in-game.

You can start the game without logging in, what’s more you can do it twice (start OCTGN) and play against yourself, create a game in one client and join it from the other one, switching between windows is required though, but it is a good way to practice things if you feel uncomfortable to play against experienced players.


Db0 has put some real quality of life improvements in recently.

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Yep, revealing hands at the same time is the best one for me.


I search for images packs but for the interface Its ok for me :pray:

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I keep thinking I should try out OCTGN. Next week when I have my PC back I might give it a whirl.

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Sorry for asking without trying first; but are there any problems having a Mac?

It should work under Wine.

What’s more, when you launch OCTGN under Windows and it asks you if you’re running it under Wine, you should say yes - otherwise you might have a weird error crash when starting the program. Yes, this is very strange, and this error might be rare, but if you do encounter it, now you know how to fix it. :wink:

I always said no and didn’t see any issues. I think it just disables some sounds or something when you say yes.

I always said no and didn’t see any issues. I think it just disables some sounds or something when you say yes.

I don’t know what it does exactly, but I’d been having that error for a long time, and this solution fixed it.

So maybe I should reword it: if you have a weird crash when launching octgn, try enabling Wine mode.

P.S. Lots of “An error occured” messages and double posts today, the forum is a bit unsteady.

I’ve installed it! :smiley: Now to figure out how it works…

The guide is in the third post of this thread :slight_smile:

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