New Saddlebag: Dirty Deeds

Well, it shouldn’t be news that there’ll be a new saddlebag after The Light Sineth, but, this one will come with three new outfits.



Maybe is a retailer’ text errata?

anyway… pretty excited about that!

Hm, well we’ve also heard that Light Shineth is a Pine Box.

So, perhaps things will go like this?
Unstoppable Force, Immovable Object - introduces 108 & Wardens
Light Shineth - Introduces new Outfits for 3 factions
Dirty Deeds - Introduces new Outfits for 3 remaining factions

So, helping boost the 108 & Wardens outfit count. So, probably a scheme like… Law Dogs, Sloane, 108? then Morgan, 4th R and Wardens?

be interesting to see how it goes.

With 3 saddlebags per cycle the ideal rate should be 2 outfits per saddlebag. If every faction had the same number of outfits.

I don’t see them putting out new outfits with every saddlebag, that would pretty quickly balloon things. This current scheme is probably to help catch up the Wardens and 108 and not going to be normal. Remember, an outfit is basically a new deck, it needs to be unique enough from existing outfits and supported enough that it’s worth running over prior outfits.