New to card gaming and Doomtown

Hi all,

I just got the boxed set about two weeks ago for the wife and I to play. We played a little bit of the World of Warcraft card game a couple years ago and that was our first experience with these types of games. I like steampunk, the wierd west and adore the LCG format, so that led us here.

While I joined two local gaming groups on Meetup, they seem focused on Magic and Yugio. I probably need to go back to the FLGS and ask if there are any other Doomtown players locally.

Is there a good resource for tips for new people? I don’t even know the basic vocabulary (i.e. what makes an aggro deck or a control deck), so I’m not sure what our play styles are. But also I would be interested in general info like what people use to organize & store their cards when not in use. Or are there beginner-friendly events?

I guess I’m trying to start figuring out what I don’t know. :smile:

Welcome! Here’s an interesting read that you might find educational:


Welcome! If you have any questions, feel free to ask, we’re a helpful bunch. Whereabouts are you based? We might be able to point you towards playgroups and events.

What Dave said.

Welcome to the madhouse.

Thanks for the welcome.

I am in Northern NJ.

We tried the getting to know gamorra walk through today. We need to study the rules a little more to understand the ‘why’ of the moves. It looks like a fun game though!

I saw there was an official tournament at Nerdvana, which is about 1.5 hours away. Plus, Dreamation and Dexcon conventions are very close by. so there has to be something around.

[edited to spell Gamorra correctly]

So, being new, you might not know much of what you don’t know, if you know what I mean.
Firstly, know and understand some of the unusual builds like clown control, landslide/D&D (dudes and deeds), or super mario decks. Some new players want to quit the first time they face oddly built deck and weren’t prepared for them. Trust me, there are good tools to deal with any dominate deck, so it isn’t hopeless.

Secondly, Study some of the great decks on there. It is okay to netdeck, but experience will be incredibly important to, so play them, make mistakes, and learn from them.

Also, Swider youtube videos are an excelent way to watch some doomtown being played. By watching masters play, you will see strategies you didn’t know existed, gameplay rules and interactions you might not have known work a certain way, and general game play that goes far beyond turn 1 or 2 big shootouts. There are some other tournament videos on Gazette as well.


Depending on where you live in northern NJ in Bethelehem PA we have a small group that gathers most mondays at Portal Comics and Gaming in Bethelehem.

Jayjester, thanks for the links. I spent an hour or so watching the Swider and Mplain give the Octgn tutorial and play Doomtown. Neat resource.

Kujaku, thanks for telling me about your group. Bethlehem is about an hour and a half from me, so Monday nights might be tough after work. But I will keep an eye out if you have any weekend events!

check out portal comics still for product. Best FLG in the eastern PA.