New Upkeep Phase Language

At Aeg’s Forum
They seem to have streamlined everything a bit, I haven’t read em enough to see if it changes everything though.

he he he, looks like I might have had a small impact to the rules, pointing out monte bank didn’t create production (you only produced from deeds and home). Now you generate from homes, your own deeds you control, and any cards you control that have production.

I like how clear and specific this is.

(0. Starting with the Winner, both players can react with Backroom Deals.)

  1. Simultaneously collect production (now defined differently)
  2. Starting with player to the left of the Winner (note, no longer does the Winner start), pay back the bank for anything borrowed, then pay wages.
  3. After all players have paid wages, simultaneously discard any dudes who’s wages have not been payed.
    (4. Starting with the Winner, each player can react with Backroom Deals.)