Newcastle Epitaph

Hey guys! I thought I had already posted this up, but it appears I should check my checklists more thoroughly.

Newcastle-upon-Tyne will be hosting it’s very own Epitaph event this Sunday the 30th of July at Travelling Man Newcastle. Entry is £10, registration will begin at 11 with a hopeful start at 11.30. We’ll be playing multiple rounds of Swiss with a potential top cut depending on number of players and time permitting. Let’s just see!

There will also be a small charity raffle for a few promo items, and some of the harder to find saddlebags and pine boxes will be available too.


Should be a car load coming down from Edinburgh


I’m going, and @tomravenhall may also be making the trip from York.

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Grand, sounds like we’ll have a decent turnout. My only regret is that we’ll probably have too many people for me to pressure everyone in to playing round-robin again and we won’t get a repeat of Edinburgh’s six match endurance test. :wink:

Think I might try a Dead Man’s Hand deck here as I don’t think I’ve ever drawn one in a tournament game. My initial draft is a bit wonky, but I want to see if I can pull off at least one DMH during the day!

There may be prizes for wonkiest deck (assuming I can find a prize you don’t already have).


Don’t encourage the jank…

Plus @Doomdog often has something wonkier than my decks even when he’s playing competitively and successfully.

I’ll try to remember the surplus copy of Tombstone on DVD that I got for my birthday this year. I forgot it at Edinburgh’s Epitaph event. :blush:

Thanks to Chris for running a great event, and everyone who came along!

We had some excellent debates!


Thanks for running a well attended event with excellent prizes and a fun atmosphere.

This deck is worth checking out for people who want to play an Eagle Wardens deck that can do well but want something more interactive than Spirit Fortress. Well done! :slight_smile: