[Nightmare at Noon] A Fight They'll Never Forget

I used to, but then the Winchester Model 1873 came along which was cheaper and on value with Faster on the Draw…

I’ve got a question in on this for the rules team, because over at BGG, there’s some debate as to whether “other posse” means “not your posse” or “the other posse from the dude that got aced.”

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The other posse from the dude who got aced. Otherwise it’d say “opposing posse” or some such.

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Spoiler page updated - and I didn’t break anything either.

Well, you could argue that “the shooter in the other posse” isn’t the shooter causing the casualty. Otherwise it’d just say “the shooter”… I initially read it like that, but since it works both ways, it would be logic that it’s a dude from the winning side, that gains a CP.

Just got the answer:

“The shooter in the posse opposing the posse of the dude who just got aced permanently gets 1 control point.”