[Nightmare at Noon] A Fight They'll Never Forget


From the Composite Rulebook:

Headline is a keyword that can appear on action cards. Only one Headline action can be played per shootout. If any player in the shootout has used a Headline action, another Headline action cannot be used during that shootout (even by a different player).

Swinford Finds Trouble becomes totally playable now! :wink:


Yay, new gameplay mechanics.

The bullet bonus part is nice I guess, but I really like surprise CP, maybe to sneak in an unexpected victory.

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This is something I really like - a way of gaining control points y shooting people. It reminds me of my old BlackJack deck which sported ‘Any one of Ya’ and another action card that gave control for calling out.

Definetely something that makes shooter decks interesting! And another reason to say no to the Judge coming calling…

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I’ll try a couple in my 2+5+6 Hot Lead deck :wink:


Also 3rd of August seems confirmed, in case this was really in question.

So I have high hopes for it to arrive just in time for our friday night doomtown hangout.

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OK, my turn to complain, I already had enough of Point Blank + Faster on the Draw combo, everyone will be playing it now, all the time and everywhere. I like this card, but I hate the synergy with the cards I just mentioned.

Art by Gabriel Blain.
Also, a no-prize for the inspiration for Wendy’s boots :smiley:

You dont get a control point for Point Blank with this.

Does the new card contribute anything to Point Blank + Faster? I’d think that a 3-bullet swing should already be enough. Also note than pointblanking a dude won’t grant you a control point.

It’s another bullet for your stud. You could be in a situation where acing a dude is more important than the control point.

It also works as a counter against my opponents Point Blank :slight_smile:


CP will be only a bonus in some cases, the combo is stronger with this card.

I’ve found the problem wasn’t so much having a target for PB, as it was getting to have an unbooted stud to play it.

Rafi + Roan :slight_smile:

I’m generally OK with 3+ card combos :wink:


I agree, this is precisely the reason why I replaced Point Blanks with Takin’s. The requirement to have an unbooted stud in the location of shootout severely limits mobility, unless you have Roans or Walk The Path. The amount of bullets is rarely an issue.

Only because you don’t show up on OCTGN anymore :), you should have a pleasure of playing against LD decks of Mplain, Hammerdal and Mysticpickle for a few weeks about two moths ago, I assure you, you wouldn’t be happy with three cards combo, especially when it was backed up by TYWM.

This talk makes me want to play with Peacemakers… Which fits quite nicely with A Fight They’ll Never Forget!

I’m just surprised more people don’t play them. They shut down so many things!


Agree - one of the underrated cards I think. Someone should write an article about it…

Hmm… Im in the train for the Stockholm Sheriff event for 12 hours - maybe I’ll use the time for writing.