Nightmare at Noon Preview

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Initial reaction - This card is insane. I love it. You should love it. CLOWN BOAT GO!

I think everyone has the same reaction after seeing this:

I mean it can get unprepared and it a cheating reaction so it is able to be canceled blah blah blah blah. I freaking love this card just had to post the typical responses lol I have a deck ready to rock this card. What the general store, No turning Back, 2 abominations at queen value did designer feel sorry for me. Thanks for addition love for the abominations.

With this card and consecration around, cheating in lowball is going to hurt.

Playing this in a shootout, aside from some cool resolution effects like ghostly gun, is an expensive way to cover casualties, and there are more useful cheating resolutions to play.

I wouldn’t say it’s just an expensive way to cover casualties. Your opponent cheating does not always means he’s winning the shootout. So if you win, and let’s say your opponent cheats with a full house, getting a free Ghostly Gun seems worthy. On the other hand, if the shootout didn’t end up well, you can always get a Brute, soak the casualties, and run to fight another day. I honestly think this is a good card that will give a boost to abomination decks.

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If you win the shootout and play this, in my opinion it’s overwinning. You don’t need cards to create a huge advantage if you win shootouts, you need cards to make you win fights consistently. And this doesn’t help.

I agree a couple of copies of this can be great in abom decks, but the more you read the card the less awesome it seems.

One of the forces of abom decks is the relatively low circumstantial cost of losing or tying a round of shootout. This just made it even lower - which gives you a comparative advantage over other shooter decks. I think its beautiful.


Combats are always uncertain in doomtown, you just increase or reduce your chances of having a good outcome. Even your 5 stud can lose against a 0 draw. I disagree this card doesn’t help you to make your fights more consistent. As long as your opponent cheats, which is a limitation that every cheatin’ resolution ability shares, if you lose, you can soak more casualties and, if you win, you can put a fatty abomination in play for free, which is a huge advantage for the rest for the game.

Besides, using this during a shootout is essentially like taking a noon action to bring a dude into play, only during a shootout, and at no cost. Winning the fight and putting more bullets/influence on the table for free while taking them away from your opponent? And maybe freeing up your next noon action to do something else? Sounds good to me.


Yes, it is expensive - but Abom Oddities decks tend to be low on hard influence - If you’re facing an aggro build (e.g. Sloane/Desolation Row, MCC Gadgets, Judge Harry Jobs), toss Ghostly or Ivor etc. into the discard or recur Ghostly back after his ability. It does compete with Blood Curse, so it further refines the Raising Hell/Soul Cage Abom Rinse, Launder, Repeat, builds. Me, I’m all over this like muscles on the Brute :smiley:

It’s a cost of 3 gr, it isn’t free…

Right but once it’s attached and paid for, you’re bringing the dudes in for free. And even with the cost of the card, you’re essentially paying 3 GR for Ivor. That’s still a deal.


So when it say to “Put it into play at this location” where is that location for low ball?

This location refers to the location of Soul Cage.

Damn, I’m an idiot, Thanks.