No more discard down to max hand size?

Noticed a small change in the Sundown phase in the rules here at PBE. Sundown phase no longer requires players to choose either to draw up to their maximum hand size or discard down to their maximum hand size. Now there is only draw up to max hand size with no discard down option.

Was this deliberate? If I manage to draw a bunch of cards during the Noon phase and end up at Sundown with more than my max hand size (even after discarding one), am I no longer forced to discard down to my max hand size? I obviously wouldn’t draw up, but previous rules had me discard down if I was over max hand size.

Important for Silent Sigil type effects, where you can draw another card after refilling your hand. If you have to discard, you obviously aren’t refilling, and so cannot use the react. As the rules are now, there is only refilling, and you could reasonably use the react to draw yet another card even if over max hand size.

If this was intentional then fine by me. Makes Silent Sigil a little stronger imo. :slight_smile:

And John “Aces” Radcliffe.

I don’t remember ever being the rule to discard down to max hand size

There was “Then either draw or discard cards until your hand is at its maximum size, which, barring card effects, is five cards.”

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Seen and being discussed by the rules team

There has been no change to the rules on discarding down to hand size, it was felt that when we simplified the rulebook that the following statement would be sufficient.

All players may choose to discard one card from their play hand, with the Winner choosing first.
All players refill their play hand to their maximum hand size (normally 5 cards).

However on reflection of this question being asked we will be making a rulebook change to ensure understanding.