No Turning Back - a set review

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By Jon Del Arroz

Time to look at No Turning Back, the fifth saddlebag for Doomtown: Reloaded. This set opens up existing deck archetypes like there’s no tomorrow. Law Dogs bounty gets a big boost, Gadgets get some love, and Blessed get a step closer to functionality. New possibilities emerge with El Grajo’s assembled pieces and Max Baine presiding over the Huntsmen’s Society. NTB alters the game the most since Double Dealin’, and that includes the Pine Box. So let’s have ourselves a look:

Avie Cline XP – Avie has a whopping 3 influence, which is great for ensuring a long lasting circus in Gomorra. Her ability adds another nice control element as you can park her somewhere, bring in a booted dude, presumably after a paralysis mark off of a deed and onto one where you want them. Controlling movement is interesting, and it complements phantasm. Avie has no skill check though, so it's much easier for her to move those booted dudes. Despite her utility, her 6 cost and 2 upkeep is a bit high for Fourth Ring. If 9’s are on value, I’d consider running a copy, or running a Huckster build that starts her. Grade: B
Judge Harry Somerset – Well this is fantastic for Lawdogs, on value with the best LD value which is 8, and DMH which is a special pet of mine. You can sub him in for those control matches where you need to ensure that you have a way to take out their dudes to start. Add a 2 stud gunslinger, beautiful. Throw in judge, make the smart choice, and leave ‘em there to face your gunslinger’s music. He makes his original version obsolete, and I certainly will run him as at least a 1-of in each LD deck for now. Grade: A
Ebenezer Springfield – Another Blessed with no influence, which is getting tough as far as the Blessed dudes go. At least he increases bounty, which is helpful for the Arsenal’s ability, which needs some support. At Queen, he slots well in a pull-based draw structure, a spot where the LD already like to run with their Blessed. I don’t feel that he adds enough though. If he had one influence, I’d probably be starting him in Blessed builds. Grade: B-
Elander Boldman (Experienced) – NTB is certainly the set of 9 values. I do wish there was a better shootout action than the only react that exists, though I can’t complain for a value shared with Cheatin’ Varmint. This is another great card for the 9 slot, and something to consider for a Morgan experimental deck. Perhaps it’s time to break out a clubless build as we get into the hearts of this set. While he’s going to be of limited use, unboot is pretty cool, and becoming a stud and reusing abilities ain’t bad either. Pricey, but could just work… Grade: B
Antheia Pansofia – Another 9! It’s like it’s a theme or something. Influence. Huckster. Inexpensive and high value. She’s a starter for Sloane huckster builds or even ones that splash them. Grade: A-
Harry Highbinder – Well I like the J value to support an A-8-J DMH build, but with 2 upkeep, not a ton of synergy. The ability is really interesting, but I’m going to need to play him a bit before I can figure out his place. Right now, he’s not making my primary Sloane decks. Grade: C
Max Baine (Experienced) – A deck archetype in a card. I love everything about Max. Economic advantage, theme, art, value. I’m going to be building a deck around him first thing. Grade: A
El Grajo – Dead Man’s hand just got more support towards its full house fallback. So much in this set makes me not need to splash another value and save Jacks for four deeds. A cheap stud and splashable in any J value deck. Grade: A+
Jacqueline Isham – Interesting card that opens up the King value which had a lack of playable dudes due to their price and being boss dudes. She’s good, cheap defense. I think she’ll be overplayed, but that’s okay. I don’t love the zero influence, so she is situational and won’t work well against D&D or 4R Control. Grade: B+
Huntsmen’s Society – A card that synergizes with Max Baine and his ability. DMH just got another good Jacks, so I can run less undertakers! Grade: A
Secured Stockyard – Gadget deed. King value is nice for gadget pulls. Not a bad economy price, especially with Gadgetorium. Still, like any other deed, you can lose control. Not bad, but limited use. Grade: B
La Quema – I’ve read a lot of early complaints about this horse being too expensive. It is on value for DMH support and I like this as a 1 of so I can run fewer of the marginally useful pair of six shooters. I do find movement helpful and am excited to make use of this in decks with Ace values. For DMH decks, La Quema combos great with Rapier. Grade: B+
Asyncoil Gun – Woo! An awesome gadget weapon. At 9! See ya, Mechanical Horses! It’s ability is a bit risky unless limited or no clubs, but still a good card for the bullet bonus. Grade: B
Scoop Hound – Meta for pistol whip or stakes just rose or any kind of shenanigans! And 10 value, perfect for shootouts. Not to mention that she also soaks a casualty! Talk about best card in the set! Alexis Mirges does her Gomorra Gazette proud. Grade: A+
Rapier – I mentioned this in conjunction with other cards. It does have the drawback of being melee in a weapon heavy environment. But with El Grajo, it still has a use, and with La Quema, still gives a bullet bonus all for 1 cost. I like the synergy! Grade: A
Vitality Tonic – The card that makes me want to play clubless experimental. This is cool. They. Keep. Coming. Back! Good 4R meta too. Have fun with that paralysis mark! A bit unplayable outside that archetype though Grade: C+
Consecration – A very interesting spell, great for lowball, and free to play. Its 9 value is solid for pulls. I wouldn’t run a ton of these, but 2x seems good for helping Blessed survive shootouts. Oh, and lowering casualties is useful in a pinch! Grade: B+
Mark of Pestilence – I don’t see this taking the place of Phantasm in control decks, but in a shooting build, it’s somewhat interesting. Might not quite be enough, but there could be a combo out there. Grade: C
Cookin’ Up Trouble – This is an interesting control card with the first hand manipulation to target an opponent. I like controlling odd, and I really like this card. Requires some cheatin’ and some cash, but when it hits, it’ll be glorious to ditch their shotgun or paralysis mark. Grade: A
Ol’ Fashioned Hangin' – At first I thought “this is worse than bounty hunter, why would I play this?” Well, separate value, and it doesn’t boot your dudes on a job. They can defend, you Wendy them home and they’re hung out to dry. It’s good, but requires 2 bounty so a bit tough. Grade: B+
No Turning Back – Interesting card that makes you cash in a pinch, or can help you in that good ol’ final shootout. Abilities that help with the next round are always too situational for me though. I’d rather just run a Take Ya With Me. Hey, it’s got some flavor that may be important though. Is that Sloane I see? Grade: D+

Jon Del Arroz, reviewing cards through DMH glasses since NTNR :wink: