No Turning Back Preview- Elander Boldman XP

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The labs of the Morgan Research Institute are indeed strange and littered with failed experiments and trinkets of great eccentricity. Huddling over a work bench, an elderly dark-skinned fella tinkers away. Ignoring questions, he just grumbles and continues twisting knobs and pressing buttons. The device on the table looks dangerous, and for a man whose strongest weapon is his mind - I fear what machinations he may unleash upon unlucky fools who scorn him. When my editor gave me this assignment, he said Mrs. Morgan had assured him it'd be a simple interview. Turns out that Mr.Boldman is a stoic wall of a man. Not even my womanly charms pull him away from his work.

Now citizens of Gomorra, I'm not sayin' we should trust the folks at the Morgan Cattle Company. After visiting the Morgan Research Institute, I now realize that its scientists straddle a fine line between Mad and Brilliant. The gadgetry that they produce within these halls run the gamut from rustically makeshift to shining glimpses of the future. To explain more risks legal repercussions or even an invite to join the 'very special demonstration teams'. It is clear that Mr.Boldman is an intelligent man. Alas, the sum result of my time with Mr. Boldman is a series of increasingly strident, "DON'T TOUCH THAT!". It is nevertheless obvious why Mrs. Morgan and Mr.Baine set store by this otherwise cranky old man. Mr.Boldman may very will usher in a new era of technological wizardry for the betterment of man. But this reporter thinks he may also bring about our doom.

- Alexis Mirges, Gomorra Gazette


I’m gonna wait for everyone else to chime in before I start talking about this card. But I will let you guys know, the hype is real.


Two Words: Flame. Thrower. Recursive Motion Machine for even more hilarity.

Also works well with [REDACTED] .

I find myself humming along to Joan Jett:

“Put another Ghost Rock in the FlameTHrower. I looooove Rock n Rolllllll.” :smiley:


But, but… I wanted to ram people with Force Field… =_=


We all did.

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sorry for this newbie question guys but… why flame thrower? it is better with holy wheel gun! dont you think?

and whats is (redacted)?

and i dont understand the forcefield thing below

remember iam a newbie :wink:

Read this :smile:

[REDACTED] is probably a new experimental weapon gadget.

Woohoo! The Lawnmower Cannon has arrived!

I love the art for this card.

MS:3 is an incredible boost for gadgets. It’s surprising how much more you can do with just that extra 1 skill.

You can drop to 2’s in a difficulty 5 deck!!

Oh what a day! What a lovely day!


The current Morgan science decks are quite versative in that they start two ms2 and several backup ones in the deck, so losing one of them to kidpanning doesn’t affect your game plan all that much.

While ms3 opens some new deckbuilding possibilities, it is also quite risky - you start one less dudes overall, you rely more on one particular dude, you give holy wheel guns to draw dudes in hopes to turn them into studs with the new ability - it all makes you more dependent on one particular dude, and more vulnerable to early kidnappin’.

We’ll see how it goes. Maybe that cannon will make it all worthwhile :slight_smile:


Oh Lord, thanks!
At last I can play plasma drill without fear to fail itself or flame-thrower!

OMG I can use plasma drill TWICE per turn!! Tottally broken

Upd: oops, plasma drill is not experimental.That makes sense.

I don’t quite see what can 2’s bring to the gadgetarium, except for maybe Make the Smart Choice (still doesn’t help against Kidnappin’). Then again, we don’t yet have a gadget at 2’, maybe it’s the new experimental cannon :smile:

I understand that you can prepare plasma drill to use another time, the thing experimentals do is unboot Elander, not the gadget ;-)… Anyway its a shootout ability, and plasma a noon… risky…

If Plasma Drill was experimental you could unboot Elander and pass it over to him for more damage. What, your dudes are in the town sqaure? Arvid Mardh will help! :smile:

(Actually, i’m not sure. Can Arvid make dudes trade in the town sqaure?)

The plan is to go to town square, blast one deed, get attacked, unboot the Drill with Elander, unboot the other dude with Missed, repel the attackers, blast another deed, play Allie EXP, add some Holdups…


nice! (but is not experimental) :wink:

The think i dont like with this boldman is the risk of his ability, but still very nice!

Btw, i really like your ideas mplain, also your original decks from dtdb (just trying to make some nicodemus based and follow your steps)

Jason Giroux raised an interesting question:

Can Elander’s ability unboot a gadget somewhere outside of the shootout?

The rulebook says:

Slingin’ Lead

Step 1. Make Plays

Shootout abilities you use must come from either an action card in your play hand (which is played and discarded), or printed on one of your cards in the posse. You can also use a Shootout ability on a card that’s not in a posse, but only if that ability would bring a dude into a posse. Shootout abilities can also only affect dudes in a posse, unless that ability would bring a dude into the posse.

Can only affect dudes in a posse, but it says nothing about goods.

EDIT: Answered. Looks like in this particular case turning a dude into a stud is not considered as ‘affecting’ them.

hyperventilates with excitement, gets out his Elander’s Anti-Unconsciousness Mask and Machine Gun, uses it

Because really, anything Elander invents probably is a weapon in addition to whatever else it does. :wink:

Also, I’m incredibly happy about this, as I said on Facebook, to see him. He’s one of my favorite characters, and I intend to slot this into my deck somewhere…possibly starting if I can finagle it.

So far this is my favorite experienced in the game.


Strip the ability and he’s still a solid dude. A reasonably startable MS:3 opens up deck design, simple as that. Plus he provides good influence for his cost (not that MCC has problems with that).

Add onto that a useful and varied ability that is only going to scale as the game progresses and this is one very good dude.

Too bad the art is so goofy. That weapon looks like something from the 1980’s TMNT cartoon.


Just because he’s a mad scientist doesn’t mean he can’t have some fun with his designs. :wink:

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