No Turning Back Preview - Huntmen's Society

Here goes:

I love it!

Especially the picture :smiley:


Because it’ll be the first thing people ask, here’s the complete list of value 10 or higher dudes with at least 1 upkeep:>9+u>0&sort=gang&view=list&_locale=en

Sorted by gang for your viewing pleasure.


Works great with Jail btw :smiley:

Avie + Tyx

Only 7 GR up front cost so you can offset early turns without the Society and pay their upkeep.

A Harrowed starter that can’t be nailed by shootout actions because of everyone’s favourite goblin.

Maybe squeeze a Kevin in there for a crap tonne of stud?

You’d need the Huntsmen’s ASAP, but that’s an insanely good lineup for just 1 upkeep when it’s in play.


Do a DMH build - stack 4 of these babies, plus grifter options (Gina). Play one Huntsman’s and the other 3 support your draw structure.

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I like this card, but I can see it being a heavy shootout deed. question if both players have this in play would my dude of value be -2 upkeep in town square. If so I might just keep mine in hand until I take full control of theirs then drop mine and lock the town down. But , I think the high on average cost will limit this card in most decks as the article says the curve could help of hurt a double edged sword.

It doesn’t reduce value, it reduces upkeep :wink:

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@db0 fixed like fixer :grinning:

It’s great in a limited subset of decks and mediocre-to-subpar in any others. Which is likely the exact design intent.

I do like that this may make some of the high cost, high value dudes more palatable for play. At least in our playgroup they aren’t really seen much.

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Yeah, this is going to make me take a longer look at some of the higher value Dudes as slotting them into decks.

@Darguth I will agree in my group the only time I see the high values is if they are starting them and that’s mainly it. Which this card will help once you put it into town.

I can see this deed being played in 4R decks (those that didn’t switch to 8-9-Q yet and are still playing J’s) - clown control often has some high-value dudes at home by the end of turn, and they might get more money out of it than out of The Undertaker.

The other option is a Law Dogs DMH deck that doesn’t want to play its J♦ deeds - you start Gang Yi or J.W. Byrne, and have Abram Grothe, Clint Ramsey, and Zoe in the deck. Take 4x Huntsmen Society and a grifter, and you can count on getting your discount pretty early.

With J’s finally getting some love in the form of Flight of the Lepus and Rapier, we now need some good J​:spades: dudes for Morgan and Sloane to see those factions start building around this value - and that might finally bring Holdup into the meta :smile:

In any case, you probably want to play all your deeds on one side of the street before you see the Huntsmen Society - to make the best use of it you need the discount applied to dudes at your home.

Its another card that makes Avie even greater :smiley: