O4B Spoiler - Big Nose Kate

Last one from us for Out for Blood, Big Nose Kate! An outstanding Outlaw, head on over to Fist Full of Cards to check it out.


This new Outlaw dude is clutch.

Feel like I’m either running 5’s and/or need a dude with with solid stat-to-cost-ratio who can self-start bounty engine.

Cool theme too. Reminds me of Cassidy Greene from Classic:


Delighted to see another faction get a dude that provides card cycle. Enjoyed the preview video, please keep up the good work!

Fuels bounty without being too abusive, as it only boosts bounty on dudes that aren’t wanted, so fuels a core Sloane strategy. I also like this dude against slide - extra influence with no upkeep and helps cycle unwanted Shootout actions in such a match up while turning them in to much needed influence. :thumbsup:

Plays nicely with Desolation Row too, boosting your bullets ahead of running the home’s job to make more GR and beef up your shooter.


To build on that: Yeah this dude is incredible! Fills so many niches that I couldn’t put words to before spoiling. Plays well with every Outlaw home!

3-draw awesome for Jonah’s Alliance (instant stud) or holding Legendary Holster / Shotgun. Combos well with Ike Clanton (another seminal dude) who lets bullets count as influence for control / income / denial. Also a needed female starting (or floating) character for story / representation effect.

And this!: Running job-heavy when such high-risk/reward strategy goes south, Kate may facilitate a recovery by turning offense (action cards) into temporary defense (influence) potentially buying time to replenish your fallen shooters / studs and make a second push towards aggressive victory.

Far and away my favorite card in the set.


I can be a bit of a negative nancy in these videos and in general about cards but big nose kate is fantastic. Really solid design work. :+1:


Good shout on comeback potential, plus welcome comments on theme. :thumbsup:

It was fairly long ago that the original version of this card was designed. I sincerely do not remember if I personally designed it or @db0 designed it but a portion of any the design credit should be allocated to him for it since he was a great inspiration for it.

Any credit regarding getting the card into a good state for the game though should 100% go to all the PT members involved (and if the card ends up bad…all blame can be directed to @BeastEG)



Would that the payoffs for everything in life were so asymmetrical. :wink:

Enjoying reading the response to this card and seeing players excited at getting to use it.

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