Octgn dtr league

Me and Mysticpickle are starting an OCTGN Doomtown Reloaded league. The league starts on September 25th and ends October 31st. To join, create an account on http://www.challengeboards.net/ Use the league browser to find OCTGN DTR League or just click on this link: . The password is: dtr1

Obviously as any other competition this one has a few rules:

  1. The games have a time limit of 75 minutes.

  2. You can play different factions and different decks in every single game.

  3. If a new PineBox or SaddleBag is added to OCTGN client during the league, new cards are legal three days after their “release,” or immediately if both players agree. The Faction Pack is legal from day one of the league.

  4. There is no limit to the number of games you can play in the league, but there is one restriction: You can play a maximum of two games against the same player in your first ten games, and one extra game against the same player for every 5 additional games played in the league. In other words, no more than 20% of your games can be against the same player at “trigger points” 10 and then every 5 games,e.g. 2 games in first 10, 3 in first 15, 4 in first 20 etc.

  5. At the end of the league, top four players will play semis and then a final in a best of three format, as soon as possible after regular league play ends (not later than a week after regular league finishes for semis, not later than
    two weeks for finals).

  6. Minimum of 10 games have to be completed at the end of a league to be allowed to play in semi-final.

  7. If you announced yourself available for a game you have to accept a call out from the first player that wishes to
    play against you, unless it would breach a rule described in point 4.

Additional information:

The league is intended to make playing on OCTGN more popular and provide a competitive environment for people who want to test their skill in a more serious play environment.

Sadly there is no award for winning the league apart from satisfaction and prestige.

Since there are no restrictions on decks and factions that will be used, if neither player wishes to reveal their faction first, factions should be revealed simultaneously. One of the players starts countdown from 3, and on 0 both players type in chat the first letter of the faction they intend to use.

I will be trying to stream both semi-finals and a final.

To arrange the games we will use the FB group: OCTGN DTR LEAGUE (link). Challengeboards.net also provides a chat (called discussion) for people who don’t want to use facebook.

When you join the league please post your current time difference to UTC, either in discussion or on our facebook group. ( Current local time in (UTC/GMT) ) We will make a list of all players and their time zones to make arranging games much easier.

Please provide your real email during registration on Challengeboards.net, the winner of the game reports the game, and then the other player receives an email with information of the game being reported, if someone makes a mistake while reporting please let us know about it as soon as possible.

Please make a screenshot at the end of the game to avoid misunderstandings and false reports, also bad behavior will result in a ban from a league.

Some of the rules might be slightly changed or updated before the league starts.

To install OCTGN and DTR plugin go here

And this is a how to play DTR on OCTGN.


I’m in!
As soon as my town festival ends and can grab a computer I’ll register myself.

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I really don’t know if I will be able to participate right now. I really want to, but am working 12 hrs, 7 days a week until further notice. Will I still be able to sign up for it in early October?

No. It is impossible to join after start date. You don’t have to be active in the league since day one though.

If you’re using a standard challegeboards league, then it’s certainly not impossible to join after the start date

I didn’t know about it, thanks. I still would prefer if everyone interested in participating was there from day one even if they wouldn’t play any games during first few days/week.

I think leaving it open-ended means more people can make up their mind later, instead of having to decide upfront.


Awesome! I’m looking forward to it :slight_smile:

This sounds really awesome, but I don’t have facebook. Does anyone use the challengeboards chat to set up games or will I be lonely?

You will be the first one that doesn’t use fb, but I asked everyone in a group to post their availability for play in both places. I am still thinking how to make arranging the games easier for everybody.
Edit. Ok , I just checked the group and it looks like few new players joined it since yesterday and they didn’t join FB group.

Anyone who joined just challengeboards and not fb group could you please read and answer my post that can be found in discussion?

I’ve been away from home for a bit so I missed this, if it’s too late I’m definitely down for the next go round!

If i got this right, you can still join. Lots of people playing recently it seems, so good!!! :slight_smile:

A question:
(dunno if it’s already answered anywhere, if so, i’m sorry).
What exactly would happen at time limit? One last move for one/both people? One last noon-phase? Sudden stop?
And then the person with more CP (then INF) wins, i think.

The game ends at 75 minutes. Higher CP wins.

You can still join.

Hm, how would you handle stuff like “Oh, 1minute left… waaaait, let me think …1…2…3…
Oh, i move my Phil to your Undertaker, +2CP, TIME , sry i win, Irving came too late.

Or potentially when time gets called in a shootout where the opponent still has higher INF at your important CP deed? Or, “wait i started my clock when you loaded your deck, you started when using ur grifter?”

Just wondering because this almost could have come up in a game recently, if it would have been a serious game. → Not that anyone was trying to force it(!!!) =)

If thus leads to less Jake Smileys on the table I’m ok with this. :smile:

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Is it possible for one player to start the timer, and have it visible to both in OCTGN?

UK tournaments seem to have adopted the standard of starting the timer at the beginning of the first gamblin’ phase, after all setup and grifting has happened.

I don’t think it is. As for now lets finish the action that started at 75 minutes mark and end a game. If it is a shootout, it must end.
It might be good idea to write the time when game starts at the beginning of the game in chat and warn each other at one hour mark that only 15 minutes have left.
If you want it to be resolved otherwise please let me know on fb group or challenges discussion forum, I promised Alex we we will not spam this forum too much with things regarding the league :).
This league was supposed to be the one where I gather all the feedback and amend the rules to what majority of players want. Initially I wanted to make it optional that if both players agree on it by 60 minutes mark the game can be prolonged by as much as both players want it, but one person told me that it might cause arguments so I decided not to do it.
I will write down all the rules tomorrow on challengeboards, but they might be slightly amended one time a week if majority of the players agrees on something that they want to be changed. I run the league to build community so I am going to agree on what majority of participants want.

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In my games, I haven’t actually watched the clock, and I don’t think my opponent was either. One game was most definitely way over time, but time was never brought up, and I really think we both wanted to see the game out. I have a deck that tends to present very difficult choices for my opponents, and I don’t begrudge my opponent taking time to think, but most of a games time is more often than not spent by my opponent.

Mostly what I’m saying is, I wouldn’t be surprised if most of my games that ran over time weren’t even realized, or time was cared about. If anyone wants to be strict with time limit, I understand. I would far more prefer if we played out to the end of the day at least. I’ve personally been affected by an opponent, in a physical tournament, who stalled until time, and took one last move to gain a small win. The tourney leader said to play the day out, and his play style completely changed. So simply, time limit, fine, but play the day out, or you can get people who wait to move to change the control points last second.