[OCTGN] How best to submit scripting errors

I’ve been trying out some new cards, and I’ve been hitting some scripting errors that are severely affecting my ability to play certain cards. I understand that not all cards have scripting, or are mostly manual, but some cards are behaving very badly. I can’t figuring out the best way to submit scripting errors.

reply here the issues the main users on OCTGN can help you out with work arounds. Also, DBO on here I believe does the scripting so just write them out. He is the Mad Scientist behind Doomtown on Octgn.

Elander Boldman xp1 is behaving like Elander Boldman (core), but worse. I can just manual him, but it is somewhat painstaking because of his stud bonus. I’ve been having the worst problems though with Sword of the Spirit, and Consecration. Neither should boot to use, they don’t put the markers on the dudes, they complain when you use them when they are booted, and it SOS errors out when you try to use it.

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I believe we reported all those errors some time ago. You can google github doomtown reloaded and as long as you have github account you can report errors. Make sure you read all reported ones already, some cannot be fixed etc…

The place to report bugs and submit suggestions is here.

Yeah, we repored most of those, but not all.

Sword of the Spirit also doesn’t boot to use? Jeezuz, why did they do that, it’s so hard to keep track of these miracles now… this one is booted but can still be used, and this one is used but still unbooted… argh.