OCTGN League(s) - Need input

Howdy folks! We are giving a new OCTGN league format a try: revolver. This will be a more casual league that will go for 3 months, and require you to play all 6 factions before playing any particular one again. Details will be released shortly, and I definitely welcome any feedback/suggestions.

Question to my fellow OCTGN players: Are you interested in having a more typical, competitive 3-4 week league as well, which would run along side the revolver league?

  • I’m ok with only having the revolver league, and will wait until afterwards for the next competitive, typical league
  • I am not particularly interested in the revolver format - I prefer the typical competitive league
  • I prefer both leagues be started, so I can play in both a casual and a more competitive league
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There is no option for OCTGN is confusing and I can’t figure it out because that is my vote lol .


If you can get it working then one of the regulars will be happy to help you learn. The Discord group is a good place to look for games.

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A number of people have been coached through things by the discord group, but in terms of set-up and play. They’ve got links to various cheat sheets on keyboard commands and can help with installing it too.


I’ve yet to see anyone who had a little help, and couldn’t figure it out after 1-2 games. 1-2 games is all you need to be entirely sufficient - there is a right click menu to literally find anything you need!

It’s worth the brief, initial pain to be able to play Doomtown with literally anyone in the world!


Thanks for the input guys, results are unanimous!

Hi! I’m Alan. I want to play more DTR and I think OCTGN is my best bet. I’d be interested in doing the league but would need some coaching beforehand if anyone is available.


I spotted you’re on discord now, everyone there is friendly/patient. Great for setting up matches and learning octgn. :slight_smile: