OCTGN League Season 1

Season 1 is wrapping up. Please post here if you participated.

I did, though I had weird scheduling conflicts causing two games to drop, one on my side, one on the other.

It was still really fun!

Is it on challengeboards?


Badges are going out to Participants who registered.

ManHammer here!

5 - 2 :smiley:

Ah, that’s a tournament, not a league. You got me confused for a bit there :slight_smile:

I called it a league due to the long duration of the tournament. But I can see your point.

I was there!
@otomo and @Suzy309 kicked me out of there…

Aboms are good! Say no to intollerance.

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I was there. @Suzy309 got me in our silly gadget duel.

Next time Anders… next time.


I participated! The first game of the tourney was me vs spamman5r.
I loved it and can’t wait for the next one!

Will the final 3 games be on the twitch stream?

Just the Finals. Once we get there I’ll get more information.

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ahem… I seem to be missing a badge :slight_smile:

I’m going to stream our semifinal game. We are planning to play in 40 minutes. You can find me at twich as g0zik (With zero).

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Sadly, when I try to search twitch for your name, I get nothing.

I will post a link, when I get to my pc.

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Here it is:

We will start in 2-5 minutes.

ps We are online!

PPS Haha, just notice that my microphone was offline^^. Confusing

UPD: Match record if anyone is intrested in it.


Guys, we have a final tommorow!
Streamer wanted!

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I may be able to do it. What time?