OCTGN User Names

Usernames here! As well as time available to play.

Sporadic. My schedule is kinda insane right now.

Username: TybarSunsong
Schedule: By appointment only (I rarely play on there, but I can if there’s a tournament or someone wants someone to play against.

Username: rodzilla68
No set time.

I’m gozik. Did you expect that?

I’m otomo on there. Bug me on facebook or here and I’ll come play you anytime :slight_smile:

Now you can fill in your OCTGN username on your user page. You will even get a badge for it so people can easily find all such players registered here :wink:

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I’m feliks on OCTGN. I haven’t used it much for DTR yet but I played a ton of Netrunner on there. I’m trying to play more of both online.

ManHammer here.
Availability sporadic - but pm me for a game :gunslinger:

SereneJ - GMT - evenings from 10pm (sometimes earlier :wink:

Anybody’s up for a game or two?

Yeah, me. I’ll wait for you in Starbucks.

Whizzwang. Only on a couple of evenings (UK time) a week, feel free to prod me if you see me on.

soulblight - in North America eastern time. I enjoy doomtownin’ on OCTGN at various times, usually late evening.

Eastern US

I’ve not played before but am willing to learn after building a few decks.

username: MTG1994

If I am online, i’m trying to learn the interface. Too new for this.

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SereneJ on OCTGN too!

UK based, normally hunting for a game 9-10pm after I’ve finished work!

Prod us for a game - i’m unlikely to say no!

I go by Oberbeck on octgn I am going to try to fit at least 10 games a week starting soon I myself will not play tier 1 deck but you can (unless I tell you I am tourney testing) just experimental decks that I going to write about so if you see me on just call me out.

I go by Klarkashton on OCTGN as well. Still haven’t played a Doomtown game on OCTGN but I have checked out a tutorial on how to play. Am available in the evenings UK time.

bd_flory, although I haven’t been on in a while.

Jiggy81, I play alot of different games on octgn at random times