Oddities of Nature

So, did anyone of you fellas have any luck building an Oddities deck? This one is tricky, hard to make a decent decklist that would be viable and wouldn’t be made better by simply switching to the core 4R outfit. Maybe someone succeeded in building a DMH or Holster deck with Diable en Boite? Or a Summoming deck with lots of expensive aboms? A Shotgun deck starting Micah Ryse (Exp.1) and four Paggliacios?

Me, I liked the Bounty Hunter + Rope and Ride combo so much, I made something similar in Oddities, compensating for the lack of warranting mechanism with horses and Run 'Em Down:

Oddities 6+7+8 Rope & Ride 'Em Down!

Check it out, and share your decklists and strategies! :smile:

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I have a very succesfull Oddities deck based around shotgun and micah xp. I don’t use a lot of spells or rely on them, but being able to have an extra control element and extra prod in the TS is better. It’s basically a better version of the pre-built deck in F&F.

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I haven’t seen the pre-built deck, but I remember your Micah + Shotgun deck, we played several games right after the release of F&F. As far as I remember, you didn’t win any of those games, and I haven’t heard of this deck ever since, so I kinda assumed that it didn’t work out. You say it’s very successful? Willing to share the decklist?

I’ll need to recreate it at some point and post it, but it’s been a consistent winner for me.

I have not faced so far any succesful OoN that could consistently beat some sort of control/slide.

After a huge amount of testing i don’t think oddities is there quite yet. It has this weird sloane core playstyle of come and get me but unlike sloane it doesn’t have the big incentive to come get you. It doesn’t make tons of control points in town square that you have to deal with it just controls town square to a degree. Spells seem unfit for the home which is odd since so much of the faction is based on spells and hucksters. The most success ive had is running multiple copies of hustings to force them to come out. I almost want to say you could do horses out of it. one or two solid cheap abominations at the same values as already existing abominations and they would be in really good shape.


I would argue they have a better matchup against D&D than they do spell control. You just have to be careful how many zero influence dudes you put in the deck.