Official Direction for DTR Multi-player

There has been discussion on these threads about PBE expanding organized play to include support for both “competitive” and “casual” play. I am excited about this for a variety reasons - primarily the love of both.

That said, I am wondering to what extent “casual” (or even “competitive”(!)) play will officially include the multi-player platform. Looking at the original Sloane home, this seemed to be somewhat evident (or at least possible) from the start:

“Noon, Boot: Boot your dude in the town square. If that dude is still in the town square during the Sundown phase, either gain 1 ghost rock per other player, or your dude permanently gets 1 control point if they do not already have one.”

So, maybe it’s too early to ask, but: Is PBE looking to support organized play using the multi-player platform?



Multi-player has long been a staple of the Maze/California throwdowns. We are glad to see revived interest in this oft-neglected format. At the moment, PBE does not plan formal direct support of multi-player other than updating the rulebook as needed. That said, players are encouraged (as is the case of the Gencon event(s) to host/play multiplayer and other formats.

We will continue to address multiplayer rules questions as they are posted here on the forums.