Official Gencon Events and 2017 World Championship

With the announcement of the 2017 European Championship, the following is the submitted Gencon schedule of events. Full descriptions will be provided at the end of May when the Gencon catalogue goes live.
Friday, August 18 @10am: Doomtown Reloaded: Evil Is A Choice
Friday, August 18 @6pm: Doomtown: Carter’s Classic
Saturday, August 19 @12pm: Doomtown Reloaded: 2017 World Championship

These are the official ticketed events. Stay tuned for details on nightly community events going Wednesday through Saturday.


The other 2 are obvious, but what is ‘evil is a choice’?

Each player will be required to include in deck construction one of the 4 Servitors being released in the Tales From the Epitaph release. You will be provided with an alternate art version of the Servitor in your deck to use for the event. Through attending community events and from placing well in this event you’ll have the opportunity to receive all 4 alternate art cards throughout Gencon.


When and where is the secret Bicycle Multi-player I keep hearing so much about?

The multiplayer Bicycle will likely be Thursday evening in the Hyatt lobby. Once all the nightly community events are established we will be posting all the information on them. I plan on having all details finalized on May 29 to coincide with the Gencon Events catalogue.


Does this mean that we may actually have new set release details before GenCon? (i.e. kickstarter launch?)

Yes, including full previews and discussion regarding the Servitors.

Cool Beans! :slight_smile:

It seems unfeasible to have a kickstarter and get a full launch by GenCon, but if ya’ll can do it by then I’d love a “GenCon pickup” option.

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It is something we’ll be keeping in mind.

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