Official solo automa decks, where to find them?

Hi all,
as per the title, where can automa decks be found? Have they been made available somewhere?
Thankyou in advance.

I believe the decks posted here by @zenarchist are the official automata decks.

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Hi, thanks a lot!
I saw them a couple of weeks ago, but wasn´t sure if they were the official ones. I´ll save them anyway just in case…
Hope the new boxes arrive soon!

We’ll also have them posted on the Weird West Edition resources page once live!


It’s also worth noting that, in theory, the Automaton can play any deck. In practice, there are cards that it’s not good at using, cards that need extra rules for it to use them well, or cards that just don’t make sense for it to use (Polite Inquiries is a good example of the latter).

The decks linked above are created specifically to avoid these types of ‘complicated’ or incompatible cards, while also sticking to what’s included in one WWE set.

The resource page will also include guidelines for which cards need extra considerations to use with the Automaton.


Great! Thankyou both for the answers